Dare to dream



“When dreams come true at last, there is life and joy.”
Proverbs 13:12

I want to be there as my baby growing, to see their first move, hear their first word, enjoy their first crawling, motivate them in learning to walk, participate in their activities – coloring, laugh with them as they do/say/did funny things.

I desired to serve my family and be there whenever needed just like my mother was. She was there to comfort, to advice, to love and cherish us as her children. My grandmother pass away when my mother was still very young, the difficulties she experience had been a motivation for her to be the best mother we could ever have.
Although she was not educated, she has the perfect answer to most of our queries. When we were sick, she is there to take care of us.




I believe a mother’s place is in the home, to raise her children and not giving the responsibilities to a day-care center.

I hope my dream to be a successful WAHM (Working At Home Mother) to enjoy moments of taking care of my family just like my Shaklee’s mum, Master Azrin.

Lord, i surrender my dream into your Hands and i acknowledge your timing is perfect. I claim Your word in Psalm 32:8 and i believe you will guide me along the best pathway of my life and you will be my adviser and watch over me. Thank you, and i ask all these in your name, Amen.



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