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Nov  07

Surviving the critical years in a child development

Children who suffer under nutrition or malnourished when their diet has insufficient, excessive or imbalance calories and protein to maintain their growth.  As a result of malnutrition, disorder may develop, depending on the nutrients they are lacking or consumed in excess.   Inadequate nutrition and care in the first critical years, between age of 1 to 2 years old not only impair physical...

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Nov  07

Life after 30s? You are risky for heart attack

At age of 36, Sally Bee nearly died of heart attack.  She just finish breastfeeding, then enjoying her children birthday parties when that happen.  Later the doctor founded that the main artery in her heart had fallen apart which was associated with a sudden changes in hormone. What would you do if you were in Sally’s shoe when the surgeon shook his head, took off his gloves and left,...

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