When a Nursing Mother Gets Sick


Even before a breastfeeding mom notice symptoms of being attacked by contagious illness such as cold, flu or fever, baby was already exposed to the illness. But its proven save to continue breastfeeding, the milk will not transmit the illness to the baby as it does have antibodies that act as the best protection against sickness that are specific to mom’s illness. Even if the baby got sick, it probably a mild one.   Additional prevention for the illness to spread can be taken such as washing hand often, avoid sneezing/coughing near the baby, limit face to face contact.




During the illness, we might be prescribed with medication that are save for breastfeeding baby. But when a breastfeeding mother consume those medication, it does get into breastmilk, probably in smaller doses about 10% of whatever dose mom took. Reported that baby’s behavior changed to be more fussy which linked to the medication mom taken. Any potential side effect for mom also affect baby such as drowsiness or jitters (unsteadiness).  Age is another factor, the younger or more premature the baby, it takes longer for the medicine to clear from her system due to immaturity of baby’s kidneys and enzyme systems in the liver to flush out those substances.

Methods of minimizing drug transfer to breastfeeding child
  • Take lowest appropriate dose for the shortest amount of time to lower the chances breastfeed baby get it through breastmilk
  • Timing to minimize the amount of medication in milk by taking dose immediately after a feed which is at least 2-4 hours before the next feeding or before babies longest sleep period to give your body a time to clear the medication
  • Consider discard the expressed milk when the prescribed dose are higher. For instance, a bitter taste to the breastmilk by Metronidazole is safe when dose is up to 400mg intake of 3x a day, but milk to be expressed and discarded for 24 hours after a single high dose.

So it is important not to take any medication without consulting your obstetrician or your child’s pediatrician.   Even if the side effect are minimal, its best to be precaution about the intake and not to overdoing it for the sake of the baby.  Or you can find other alternative of a natural remedies to combat contagious illness such as cold, flu or fever.



After more than 40 years of research, Nutriferon is created by immunologist Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima in 1954. Processes of screening, testing and evaluating thousands of compounds and more than 200 different herbs, the Japanese scientist at Tokyo University, Dr. Yasuhiko finally successfully come up with this unique Nutriferon.

It’s a blend of natural plant extracts from Pumpkin seed, Plantago seed, Japanese honeysuckle flower and Safflower flower which was identified as being a key to our healthy immune function. The blend was designed to naturally increase levels of interferon in our body.


NutriFeron works at the cellular level in two ways:

  • Rapidly activates your immune system’s defenses
  • Mobilizes the immune system’s “search-and-destroy” teams


Sustained Release Vita-C Plus


Our body does not produce and store Vitamin C so we obtain it from our daily diet. But we seldom can gain adequate amount of vitamin C from our food. The solution is by consuming Sustained released Vitamin C . A 500mg Sustained Release Vitamin C tablet is equivalent to seven-and-a-half oranges and it contains 120mg Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex. Bioflavonoids enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C and it help to increase the absorption level of the Vitamin C by our body.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and any extra quantity, will be simply flushed out of our body in urine. But with the sustained released method, the Vitamin C is not put to a waste as it will be released at a 100mg every hour for a period of 5 hours which is equivalent to eating a 1.5 oranges every hour for 5 hours. Apart from hour after hour protection, it acts to maintain natural protection against the harmful effect of pollution protects against infection and enhances immunity.

It suitable to be consume by breastfeeding mum with gastric as the vitamin C is derived from corn starch (‘natural-source vitamin C) and the molecule is the same as in citrus fruits.  From my experience, when i have notice the symptoms of being attacked by contagious illness such as cold, flu or fever i take additional dose of vitamin C and i tend to recover faster and my baby is immune to it.  On another note, if my baby is having a fever, i took additional dose and breastfeed, his temperature tend to reduce faster.

As a mother we make decision that we feel it is the best for us and our baby. Understanding how supplement could boost up our immune and at the same time benefit the baby in the same way could help prevent unnecessary medication that could have negative impact being transferred to our breastfeed baby either in short terms or long terms. The choice is yours to make.



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