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Oxidation is what ages you.  Its a side effect of your cells at work and worsen with our hectic lifestyle, poor sleeping patterns, stress, pollution and sun damage bring an outcome of wrinkles.  To see this aging oxidation works, cut a piece of fruit and watch it turns brown and wrinkled.  That is oxidation and antioxidant can help slow this process.


Oxidation makes us looks older than our biological age.  It started with a fine lines, slowly deepen then it turn into unsightly creases. According to experts, wrinkles develop due to:

  • Slow down in cell metabolism causing the skin to thin and fine line appears
  • Decrease in collagen causing system support to go loose which fine line end up getting deeper into the skin
  • Degraded elastin causing skin becoming less supple leads to wider line formed.


Collagen is the most common protein in our body.  It made

  • 72% of our skin
  • 80% of our bones


Collagen has the important role in our body to

  • maintain skin firmness and elasticity
  • keep skin hydrated.  Obviously our cell needs proper moisture balance to function properly.


Losing collagen has symptom such as

  • dry, saggy and wrinkle skin
  • large pores, dark spots and freckles
  • dark circles  and eye bags


Shaklee Collagen Powder consists of 4000mg proprietary red snapper scale collagen that is pure and high in quality.  It is easily absorbed by our body as its only about 1000 Dalton in weight and contain more than 3000 acid amino.  Compare to normal molecule at 300,000 Dalton and only consist of 20-50 acid amino.  It helps in boosting the collagen synthesis at the dermis layer effectively.


Collagen key Ingredient :

  1. Collagen from scale of red snapper – restore skin elasticity
  2. Camellia Japonica seed extract – nourishment and hydration
  3. Vitamin C – encourage production of collagen to fight free-radicals from damaging our skin
  4. Vitamin B2 & B6 – release energy to support collagen production in our cell
  5. Pfaffia extract – enhance performance and energy
  6. Shellfish extract – important for hydration
  7. Lactobacillus acidophilus – boost collagen absorption





Anyone can have a healthy, even toned, glowing and breathtaking radian skin into their golden years.  To achieve that you need to start treating and caring for your skin health.  Healthy skin is associated with a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet, sleep quality and stress management.  Research proven collagen lost is interrelated with aging.  Aging process starts naturally as soon as we hit 20s and collagen starts to decrease on an average of 1000mg to 4000mg daily.  Let see how collagen is related to aging.


When you are in your 20s

  • Causes : unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol and outdoor activities
  • Rescue plan: add more fruits, vegetables intake in your diet.  Cut out oily and sweet foods


When you are in your 30s

  • Causes :
    1. pregnancy and nursing causes hormonal changes
    2. stress of family and work life worsen with inadequate rest
    3. skin tend to get uneven & rough due to the thickening and drying of epidermis
  • Rescue plan:
    1. have good skincare routine
    2. ensure your skin is well hydrated


When you are in your 40s

  • Causes :
    1. as entering perimenopause, hormonal issue will affect the skin
    2. moisturizing should be the key part of your skincare routine
    3. look for anti-aging product to help with skin that looks tired and dull
  • Rescue plan:  Maintain daily skincare routine


Clinical studies proven that after 8 weeks of consumption of Shaklee Collagen Powder, visible rejuvenated skin was achieved and improved by 71%.  Apart from that its easily consumed as the powder is easily dissolved and mix well with any of your favorite food and beverages.

To maintain a healthy and youthful skin, first you need to find out what causes harm to your skin and take steps to address it. So give Shaklee Collagen Powder a try to arrest aging.  Hurry and grab your box of Collagen Powder now.


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