Why calcium is an essential nutrient for woman?


Calcium is vital for growth and maintenance of teeth and bones and play crucial roles in the body for health and function of nerves and muscles tissue.

People at different stage need different amount of calcium. From young children, teenagers and older woman needs greater than average requirement of calcium.  Once a girl hit adolescence, she needs more calcium for strength on bones while control osteoporosis as they become adult and reach menopause.

We, Asian woman tend to have small structure and less dense bones, therefore they are more risky to have osteoporosis.


Deficiency of calcium on woman:


Osteoporosis happens as bones become abnormally thin, weakened and easily broken.  Bones density depends on calcium intake. If calcium in daily intake is adequate, fractures will not happen easily. Else, Calcium deficiencies leave bones fragile and risky to fractures.


Muscles weaknesses

Calcium present inside the body muscles and its important to binds protein within the muscles fiber to change its shape accordingly. Calcium deficiency in the muscles, it will not contract properly that led to muscle weaknesses.


Reduction of memories

Calcium ions are important to deliver signal from outside of the cell to inside the cells. Electrical signals within the nervous system are related to these calcium ions. A small change in the calcium level can cause major damage within the cell’s activity.


Weaken Immune system

Calcium is important for stronger cells in maintaining the health of your army of immune cells. When Calcium is deficient, the body becomes prone to infections.


Cardiovascular problem

Calcium deficiencies can trigger life-threatening disease. Heart function and source of energy to function well is related to calcium. Without enough energy, heart will have problem to pump blood to entire body and cells.




During menopause, women are encouraged to get enough calcium. If there is not enough calcium in daily diet, the body will take calcium from the bones to use for nerves, muscles and heart. Estrogen helps protect bones from calcium loss. As an estrogen level goes lower during menopause, women become more vulnerable to calcium loss.


So, It is important to ensure the body has sufficient calcium since women play such an important part in the life of a family.  Else how would she be able to cope with the demand of children and husband while working a full time job with daily pressure of life.


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