What are the key nutrition to boost man fertility?

Research shows that about 10% of married couples have problems conceiving due to infertility.  The risk factor for both male and female are the same which include being exposed to occupational or environmental hazards, tobacco and alcohol use, being overweight or underweight, exercise issues, stress, poor nutrition and many more.


Vitamin C – improve sperm mobility


Imagine stuck in a crowd of people and unable to move.  Similar situation faced by the sperm on deficiencies in Vitamin C as the sperm tend to be clumping.  Sperm cells that are prone to clumping lose their motility and die out within a short period of time compare to healthy sperm which is more fertile with longer lifespan.  Vitamin C improve sperm movement to be more rapidly and actively.


Zinc – men source of mineral


A zinc deficiency can lead to low testosterone.  Testosterone is a hormone that plays important role in sexual health and reproductive function in producing sperm.  Man with low testosterone are affected by erectile dysfunction and low energy and low sperm count.  Zinc are effective in keeping consistent blood flow and circulation especially in the reproductive system, making the penis more capable of functioning better and for longer periods of time while boosting testosterone production.


Vitamin E and Selenium – improve the quality of the sperm


The combination of vitamin E and selenium improve the quality of sperm, according to a 2011 article by Mohammad K oslemi and Samaneh Tavanbakhsh in the “International Journal of General Medicine“.

Selenium enhances the antioxidant effect of Vitamin E to improve sperm quality.   A selenium deficiency causes fragile sperm, immobile sperm  with easily broken or deformed tails and since semen is high in selenium so it must be replenished regularly.

Vitamin E improves sperm count, found it is effective in improving sperm lifespan, protects the head of the sperm from dehydrating, allowing it to stay nourished and healthy all the times.


CoQ10 – provide energy to the sperm


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an energy producing center of the body known as mitochondria and is linked to improve fertility problem.  Sperm need more energy as they head towards the egg cells and fertilize it.

It takes one sperm out of about 50 million to fertilize the egg so they need to swim far enough and fast enough.  That is why sperm cells contains more mitochondria compare to other types of cells. In the sperm cells, the CoQ10 is found in the midsection where energy production occurs that power the tail to whip.  So the higher the level of CoQ10 in the sperm cells, the greater the sperm’s ability to be strong swimmers.


Men sperm quality gradually decreases with age, a men over age 40 may not be less fertile than younger men but risk of miscarriage is higher if the father is over 45 of age.  Becoming a father at older age also contribute to greater risk of autism, mental health problems and learning difficulties on their children.  Therefore, act now before the chances to conceive is at the danger level.  Apart from that, we should constantly bring the matter in our prayer so that God lightens our heavy heart and helps to keep peace on this journey and hoping that by God grace and mercy, a miracle to happen in our life.



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