Reduce Your Appetite With Rooibos Tea In Cinch Energy Tea


Originated around 300 years back in South Africa and that is the only place it grows.

Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) tea had been used by the Khoisans tribes in curing numerous ailments and now it has become popular as a healthy drink across the globe. It is a type of African red bush and go through fragmentation process where its chopped and left to dry in the sun where its green leaves turns red when oxidized.


To lose weight, people tend to ingest or taking various appetite suppressants so they will not feel hungry. Without hunger, a person will ingest less food and ultimately loses weight. Rooibos tea helps to reduce your appetite significantly by :

Low in calories

We drink hundreds of calories a day that slip into our coffee drinks, soft drinks, sugar and alcohol.  While Rooibos tea, it contains only 2 calories per8 ounce serving beside water that contains no calories or artificial ingredients.

Naturally sweet

Rooibos tea is naturally sweet, contains very low tannin, caffeine free so there is no need of additional sugar, cream or milk.

Its important to cut back on sugar hidden in the drinks as when we intake drinks high contain of sugar, it raises the level of glucose in the blood steam quickly and it stimulate pancreas to release insulin. Insulin helps to take out sugar off our bloodstream into organs such as liver and muscles cells where it’s converted into energy

But with excessive sugar makes liver and muscles stop receiving as it have limited capacity of storage  and insulin send them to fat cells which accumulate causing weigh gain and obesity.


Catechins  in Rooibos tea turn the body into a fat burning machine by increase amount of energy the body uses and this affect the body in burn more fat.

It helps in limiting the absorbing of fat from food since Catechins works by lower the absorption of fat in the intestines.

Polyphenols and flavonoids

Fatty tissue develops when immature fat cells grow into mature during a process known as Adipogenesi.   Active properties found in Rooibos tea, the Polyphenols and flavonoids were able to reach teh immature fat cells after ingestion which could avoid Adipogenesi.

The Polyphenols  and flavonoids are powerful fat-melter as they aids in boosting the metabolism rate to help the body burn more fat especially the stubborn fat clinging to the tummy.

Potassium and cooper mineral

Both mineral are essential for body metabolic process. They aids in fats and carbohydrate metabolism, active in glucose metabolism converting glucose to be stored in liver for future energy and synthesis of proteins which have impact on overall balanced metabolism.


Aspalathin in Rooibos tea can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and work best as an appetite suppressant.

It helps to regulate glucose metabolism, preventing sudden rise and fall which trigger hunger.

It aids in improving glucose absorption by muscle cells.


Apart from that, Rooibos also contains mineral that benefit the body while on weight losing.

Calcium and manganese

Aids in building and strengthening bones and teeth


Increase body metabolism and excellent for healing wounds


Essential in transporting oxygen in red blood cells that aids in combating fatigue

What makes Rooibos Tea a component in Cinch Tea is because if its taste great, has no caffeine or calories and give you a high degree of satisfaction with superb quality as an appetite suppressants in losing weight.

So don’t wait for tomorrow, start drinking cinch tea to reap all the goodness.

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