Bridging Nutrition Gaps In Picky Eater Child


It’s hard to believe but children tend to suffer from under nutrition during their most rapid growth phase, between age 2 to 10. During this period, they undergo significant increase in physical development and mental development which makes its crucial to ensure a balance diet for optimal growth.


Reported that as high as 50% of parents with younger children are struggling to fed their children with variety of food. A survey among Malaysian found out that overall food habits of Malaysian children may be unsatisfactory where 40% dislike vegetables and fruits. This alarming result indicate an urgent need for strategies to educate parents and children on proper nutrition to improve children eating habits

As a mother of a picky eater, its not fun to plan their menu. There are days where I want give up on preparing healthy food for him and let him eat chicken nuggets and fast food for the rest of days.
But I did not have the heart to do so as awareness that home cook still the best I could offer since I can control the oil, salt or sugar quantity in his food.

These are the typical behavior of feeding difficulties:

  • Very active but eats little
  • Eats a small portion only
  • Highly selective in food intake
  • Refuses to try new foods
  • Poor appetite
  • Cries and does not feel like eating
  • Has a fear of feeding

Children who are hard to feed may suffer the risk of nutrient deficiencies due to:

  • an insufficient amount of foods from each food groups
  • the lack of consumption from the protein and energy food groups
    a reduced intake of vitamin and minerals

Nutritional deficiencies may affect normal growth if picky eaters continue to choose only what they want to eat or not eating enough variety of food :

  • lower cognitive development
  • impaired growth
  • lower intake of certain micro-nutrients
  • lower intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber

I found a solution to ensure my son stay on the healthy part by bridging the nutritional gaps with Meal Shake.


Meal shakes are enriched with vitamins and minerals in powdered form, complete with fiber, protein and calcium. Its available in French vanilla flavor which can easily mix with anything and still taste delicious.

shaklee mealshake vitamin perserving
shaklee mealshake mineral perserving
  • Provides 3g of dietary fiber and provides 18g of sugar
  • Source of energy
      8. Contains 23g carbohydrate in ¼ cup of Meal Shakes
      7. Help those with eczema problem, since its rich in protein that is the building block for healthy cell
      6. Boost up immune system. In Meal shake it has vitamin AC E complete with selenium that fight free radicals and keep immune system strong
      5. Protect and improve digestive system, preventing constipation problem for its fiber content
      4. Help children to be more focus by filling up the nutrition gaps which could not be fulfill from daily diet, moreover it supply energy to cells and brain
      3. In powdered form easy consume
      9. Contains 7g protein in ¼ cup of Meal Shakes
  • help child’s body build cells
  • a low-glycemic food, a better food choice for the children

– reduce hunger urge by delaying the rate of absorption

– lower insulin levels which makes fat easier to burn

– reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease

  • immune system are made up mostly of protein

Its important to understand that its normal and part of most children’s development. Realizing is part of growing process, you could relax and not blaming yourself or feeling guilty about what your child isn’t eating.

I hope you too find Meal Shake a solution just like in my situation. I serve it in variety of ways such as in his juice, in his oat, in his mini lolly ice and in his milk. And yes, his eating habit does not change overnight but the small steps each day can help to promote a lifetime healthy eating.

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