Always Broke Before Payday? Discover YES Project.


Living paycheck-to-paycheck is when you often find yourself running out of money before the next payday.

The reality, depending only on paycheck as source of income can be a financial suicide in term of wealth and achieving financial freedom in the long term.  With the current economy status, you never know when you will be retrenched, faced illness or worse.  Furthermore, paycheck have failed to improve to match with the cost of living rising every year, leaving you with no saving for emergency.

But cultivating income diversity would be a great helps as it provide you with alternative income.  It is possible to have some money left in your pocket on the end of the month when you choose to move from paycheck-to-paycheck to entrepreneur position.

Through a project called YES ( Young Entrepreneur System ), Shaklee offer you an opportunity to build your own business with an inexpensive start up cost yet earning extra income.


Why would an Entrepreneur be interested in Shaklee YES program

YES program is to empower youths especially those who desire to build their career in entrepreneurship.

The main purpose of the program is to produce successful entrepreneurs in 13 months time, via inclusive and sustainable programs to be able to be successful in a long-term

Instead of working to make an employer earn a fortune, an entrepreneur earning reflected by the amount of effort they are devoted to the business.

1. Bonus hike offered up to 100% more than normal rate when you grow your business organization.

2. Bonus for achievement level, a rank that is achieved by moving up a certain designated level and bonus for maintaining or effective rank.

3. For the 6th months onwards, certain percentage(%) of Matching Bonus bonus given when their monthly bonus more then RM500 and above.

4. At the end of the 13 months YES campaign period, you are eligible for a trophy and  RM10,000 cash if the criteria specified for a successful YES entrepreneurs is fulfilled.


As a new member enrolled in Shaklee, they are being sponsored or recruits and trains by an existing Independent Distributor. This long term relationship provides the new member who are with limited experience in business a strong support team. With this mentoring system the learning and support process aids a young entrepreneurship to be successful reach their goals.


Essential principles a young entrepreneur must practice throughout out their business life in order to achieve maximum success are good morals, possess knowledge and skills and  undaunted by challenges to success.


Shaklee has been in the business for over 50 years and is the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S with offices worldwide.  They test every new ingredient over 350 harmful contaminants.  Over 100,000 quality tests a year to ensure the greatest purity possible and we have invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research, and development.


Reason why an Entrepreneur should be apart of Shaklee

shaklee 10 reason to join

Let see an entrepreneur who gain benefit from the YES program incentive.  Within 2 months she gain almost 1,000 solely on YES bonus incentive apart from other bonus incentive that you can gain.  Would you not want to earn such source of extra cash?


To learn how to begin your business with the YES program, get the details here.

In most situations, the paycheck-to-paycheck phenomena is a choice, thus grab this YES project opportunities to get yourself out from the cycle to Live Life to the Fullest.

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