Start Life In Debt Without Saving For The Rainy Days?


Most of our parents tell us that if you study harder and get good result, you would go to university that would prepare you for a good career. But with the current economy status, increasing population, huge amount of graduates but with fewer jobs for people to go for, leaving more graduates were unemployed, underemployed and without jobs.

Average fresh graduates, starts their life with education debts which they faced difficulties in repaying. In addition to this education debt, the shrinking value of money and other types of debts such as owning a car, foods and beverages and house rental add up to a huge sum of money and its difficult to survive.


For those who are working, with the cost of living is skyrocketing yet salaries could not be adjusted according to the changes in the economy, lead more people to have a life hanging on by a thread, struggling to make ends meets.  Those family with a single breadwinners may easily fallen into poverty when they got sick and unable to work as they had no savings for the emergency.

How about you? Are you looking for health? Financial freedom? Or Both?

Shaklee Malaysia launches a program on Mei 2015 called YES (Young Entrepreneur System) in creation of new entrepreneur among Malaysian.


The purpose of this system:
• The program is open to youth, graduates, housewives who face economic barriers and have a strong desire to be financial freedom and time freedom.
• YES program is a platform to support those who are ambitious and hunger to succeed
• YES program committed to help youth in building their own Shaklee business with low start up cost but provide possibilities of great returns

Uniqueness of YES program
Incentive 1: Free membership gift
When you join Shaklee between May 2015 to October 2015, with any purchase of a Shaklee product, you are entitle for a free membership gift of 1 bottle Vita-lea as Shaklee is celebrating its 100 years of Innovation celebration


• Incentive 2: 100% Enrollment Matching Incentive Bonus
Bonus will be doubled up.
Example if your bonus is RM300, Shaklee will double it up to RM600, if your bonus is RM1000, Shaklee will double it up to RM2000 with the condition of:

  1. Achieve minimum 6 new enrollment of member in a month
  2. Each new enrollment with minimum purchase with 100 UV point. (UV are accumulated point based on item bought)

• Incentive 3: YES rank up bonus
1.  Whenever you move one level up in ranking, you will be paid a certain amount
Eg This month, from a distributor move to Supervisor rank, Shaklee will pay RM200

2. On the following month
If you able to maintain the ranking or effective Supervisor rank, additional RM500 will be paid

3. If you able to move up a rank up
Additional RM800 will be paid


• Incentive 4: YES Pack
There are 4 types of pack that you can take advantage to promote since they are at a discount price of 5% lower than the normal price and the UV points have been increased compare to the normal UV value


• Incentive5: Matching Bonus
All new enrollees are eligible for the Monthly Matching Bonus from the 1st month she joined with the condition:

  1. By the 6th month, a person MUST achieve the rank of Supervisor or higher.
  2. From 6th month until 13th month, a person MUST maintain as an effective Business Leader with minimum of RM500 monthly bonus to continue enjoying the YES benefit.
  3. Rewards of the Monthly Matching bonus are based on achievement for the month.
  4. If your bonus is in the range of RM500 to RM649, Shaklee will add 10% more. Means, the more your bonus is, the higher percentage Shaklee will pay you ( Refer table A ).
  5. As a new enrollee, a person can enjoy all these benefits of the YES program for up to 13 months of qualification period starting from the month joint ( Refer table B ).

With all these 5 incentive, it’s not impossible for a new entrepreneur to earn a bonus in between of RM5000 to RM10000 in a month depending on the sale they making in a month.

How it is possible
  • You just need to join Shaklee as a member, use the product then share your Shaklee experience with family and friends.
  • You are not trained as a sales person but Shaklee develop and coaches you to be an entrepreneur. Learning necessary skill along the YES program helps you build a business empire
  • Another great reward awaiting for you if you are able to complete the YES program successfully.
Criteria of being successful in the program

Within the 13 months campaign period
1.  Achieve Master Coordinator rank
2.  Accumulated BGV minimal of 300,000 UV
3.  Cumulative income exceeding RM100,000
4.  Build at least 3 new direct business leaders with the rank of Coordinator and above

YES program integrated with financial incentives, soft skills training, product knowledge and support of mentors to help the young entrepreneur to achieve their goals in become their own boss.
So grab the opportunity to start a business with YES program, as it can be a stepping stones for those who desire to improve their household economy for a better quality of life.

Say goodbye to your current stressful, depress and hectic lifestyle, opportunity is here, right now, at this moments.
Please contact me to discuss the Shaklee YES program opportunity.


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