Month: July 2015

5 reason to save your child’s cord blood for long term health benefit

Each visiting the clinic for routine checkups, i notice the banner promoting umbilical cord blood banking. Brochures lining at the counter with a great picture of a pregnant mom featured on it. At a certain time, free talks held where the representative of the cord bank will explain about cord blood banking. Cord blood banking […]

Improve health by controlling the Cholesterol level in a healthy range

Cholesterol is a type of fat in your blood that is needed by the cells and body.  Most cholesterol are made by the body but eating fatty foods leads to high cholesterol levels in your blood.  When there is too much cholesterol in the blood, it tend to build up in the walls of the […]

How can a staggered and distinct 8 types of vitamin can make a difference

B vitamin are critical for the body to function well. They aids in initiate nerve transmission, for growth and development, for releasing energy from our foods, regulating hormones, forming red blood cells, neurotransmitters and steroid hormones. B Complex plays important roles to boost up immune system, involved in cell reproduction, helps with depression, vital to […]

Physical care after a cesarean during hospital stay

The scary feeling while laying on the cold operating table after the epidural that were administered by the anesthesia team is a lifetime experience for a pregnant mother who deliver their baby through caesarean. The doctors and nurses moving about getting the stuff ready for the delivery. The only moment she be waiting for is […]

A thirst-quenching and performance enhancer during prolong endurance exercise

What is Performance drink? Its a thirst-quenching sport drink mix created as the latest development in nutrition and sports medicine. Research found out that dehydration is the causes of fatigue and poor athletic performance. How dehydration affect performance? 1. Replacement of fluid lost through perspiration: Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to consume water as […]

8 Unexpected Ways to Stay Hydrated Besides Drinking 8 Glass of Water

Water is the most essential nutrient our system needs as our bodies are made up of about 60% water and every cell, tissue and organ depend on water to function well. Water plays important role from regulating body temperature, removing waste, lubricates joints and to carrying oxygen to the cells. How does my body lose […]

8 stressless treatment to ease a swollen ankles during pregnancy

Expecting mother may observe mild swelling in the ankles and feet during pregnancy called ‘oedema’ and it may range from merely annoying to being painful. Usually it occur during the third trimester. The body accumulates 50% more blood and fluid during pregnancy to meet the needs of the developing baby. It also may be caused […]

Avoid Factor That Trigger Ectopic Pregnancy To Minimise Its Life-threatening Risk

In a normal pregnancy, the ovary release an egg into the fallopian tube which met with a sperm, the egg is now fertilized, it travels down the fallopian tube to find a comfy place in the uterus to attach and grow. The fetus will develop into a healthy full-term baby. But up to 1 of […]

Body’s spark plug that restore the over worked heart muscles

According to National Heart Association of Malaysia, Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer among Malaysians and is 2 1/2 times more common a cause of death compare to combination of all cancers According to the World Health Organization statistics, a total of 37% of deaths in Malaysia were due to cardiovascular diseases such as […]

An Alternative To Gain Daily Required Protein Without Meat

Imagine a FOOD that can # Increase your energy within minutes # Help prevent top cancer killers in men and women (breast, prostate, colon and lungs) # Help balance hormone levels and reduce menopausal symptoms # Reduce the risk of osteoporosis # Reduce the risk of heart disease # Support healthy breast tissue # Help […]

The blood filter that eliminate toxin from the body

Our most important and largest organ, the liver play important roles to process the toxins that your body creates and consumes.  Ensuring liver health is essential for nutrient metabolism and overall health.  Its  crucial roles are: # Normal metabolism including detoxification # Can regenerate itself if part of it is damaged # Deal with a […]

Food and beverages to avoid during pregnancy

When you found that you are pregnant, surely you would be doing everything that is in the best interest for your baby. What you eat and drink is also influences your child health as some may have adverse effect during pregnancy. Here are some items you should eliminate from your plate and its not forever, […]

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