8 Ways Collagen Boost Your Health


What are Collagen made of?

Collagen is protein in our bodies that act as a glue that help hold body together as well as giving skin strength and elasticity while helping in replacing dead skin cells.  Collagen is major component forming of the body’s muscles, bones, skin, ligaments, cartilage and tendon.

But as we age, Collagen production in the body tend to deplete resulting to wrinkles, sagging ski and weaker cartilage in your joints.  Unhealthy diet with high in sugar, smoking and uv exposure does contributes to the depleting collagen levels.


8 benefit of Collagen to your health

1. Skin and Hair

Starting from late 20’s Collagen depletion starts and its important to add Collagen in your diet after age 30 to help fight aging.  Aging sign such as wrinkle and skin blemishes could benefit from regular intake of Collagen as it encourages skin to become soft and supple.

Collagen, a major component that contains protein and amino acids that are crucial for hair growth.  Consuming enough Collagen can ensure the body has the necessary building blocks for hair and it help fight off free radicals that affect hair texture, growth and thickness.

2. Bones and Joints health

Collagen makes up to 90% of bone mass and adding Collagen intake helps in improving bone metabolism.

If you are feeling stiffness, swollen joints, those are sign that you are losing Collagen that cause the tendons and the ligaments to be in less ease state.  Collagen act like a grease that help your joints move easily, reduce joint pain and lower risk of joint deterioration.

3. Leaky Gut

Leaky gut is a condition where things (proteins, bad bacteria and undigested food)  that should not pass through intestinal are now able to pass through the intestinal wall into your blood stream causing an immune reaction.

In this condition,  Collagen aids in breaking proteins and soothe gut lining, healing damaged cell walls and infusing it with healing amino acids.

4. Strengthen nail and teeth

If you ever have peeling and splitting nails then its a sign of you lacking of Collagen as its the blocking block for your fingernails.

Collagen helps binding the teeth and keep them firm onto the gum else lowered  Collagen in the body resulting to loose teeth.

5. Detox

Glycine in Collagen helps in detoxification as it minimize damage to the liver as it absorbs foreign substances that should not pass through it.

6. Reduce cellulite and stretch marks

Cellulite happens when the skin loses its elasticity and that is where  Collagen work its magic in promoting the body to rebuild and repair fibers that causes cellulite to appear.

By boosting Collagen production, prevention of stretch marks is possible as it help to improve skin;s firmness, elasticity and functioning.

7. Boost metabolism and energy

Gylcine found in Collagen help convert glucose into the body’s tissue to increase energy levels.  Collagen also helps in muscle development by boosting the creatine, a component that helps build muscle mass.  And those muscle tend to burn more calories than fat.

8. Digestion

Amino acid in Glycine contain in Collagen help increase hyrochloric acid production in the stomach which is needed for digestion.  This digestive juices level are lowered as we age that contribute to malnutrition.  Boosting Collagen production help in increases the utilization of hyrochloric acid to breakdown food and help in digestion of food easier.

Collagen in diet

Food contains amino acids promotes Collagen growth such as eggs, poultry, fish, and milk can all help boost collagen formation.

Collagen supplement like Shaklee Collagen Powder are another simpler way to increase your collagen intake.  Most beauty powders based claim to contain collagen but the molecules are too large for the body to absorb, but Shaklee Collagen powder  are extremely low molecular weight at approximately 1,000 Dalton.

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