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Hari Raya is just around the corner, i believe the women in the house are the most busiest to bake cookies and cakes. I am sure you do encounter after hours of measuring, mixing and baking, the most tedious job is to clean those cakes that stays stick to the bottom of the pan.

Let me share with you the solution that never fails to helps loosen baked residues sticking in the pan and less time scrubbing them off. Adding to that, its mild on your hands as it has special formula that will not remove natural oil in your skin but leaves your dishes sparkling clean.


I have start using Shaklee Dish Wash Concentrate since my son was delivered. I have confident in it as its
made from natural source derived from corn and coconut. Its biodegradable feature allow it to be dissolves quickly to release cleaning agents early in the wash cycle. And with only one or two drops it could clean the greasy dishes yet soft on the hand making it a popular dish washer in my family.

Important green feature of Shaklee dish wash concentrated include:

1. No phosphates
2. No dyes
3. Natural, sustainable sourced ingredients derived from corn and coconut

Even it is made from natural source, it is still powerful to remove grease without the needs of any pre-washing and re-washing which save lots of time. Its more concentrated, you only need one or two drops to tackle a pile of greasy dishes. One bottle can last for 3-4 months which is really worth your money.

Compare to Phosphates-containing dish wash, a Natural are more safe and eco-friendly. Phosphates-containing dish wash break down dirt particles and remove stains by softening the water and allowing suds to form and any residues on the dishes have been known to cause nausea, diarrhea and skin irritations.
Sounds dangerous right?
Moreover its difficult to remove Phosphates from waste water and often it end up in river and lake that increases algae growth and die, they release toxin that deplete waterway oxygen, suffocating aquatic life. Making it worst, Phosphates remain active even after waste water are treated.

When you have children, i am sure that you would most likely to use an Eco-friendly, biodegradable, nontoxic, no chlorine base dish washer for the health benefit of the whole family.

Let see a review on why she love Shaklee dish wash concentrate as much as i do.


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