7 Secret Your Husband Needs From You


Marriage can be hard. Sometimes you try to figure out why the more you trying to understand your life partner whom you love the most but the more confused you get.

Both men and women are different, we don’t think and respond to life in a similar way.  So here are some secret your husband probably will not share but they need you to know.  Do these sincerely and with love, you will not believe they could make a huge difference in your marriage.

1. Unconditional Respect

Men does want to know if they are respected by their wives. The internal pressure to excel starts in early age, they seek respect from their parents in what ever they are doing. And they need to feel and experience your respect for who they are in your life and in your marriage; as a man, husband and father to your children. Inside the heart of every man there is a desire to be respected and if they cant find any respect at home, they will find that respect somewhere else.
Ladies, we surely want our husband to love us unconditionally. But are we willing to love our husband unconditionally too? Do you want to be loved any less when you are not at our best? Neither does he in area of respect. Men crave respect while women crave love so if you want love, give respect.

2. Admiration

Men does want to be desirable physically to their wives. And doing well for the woman he loves is one of his greatest goals in life. But what would he feel if his wife always commenting on a goodness of another man, don’t you think they will be feeling down? Do you notice that you always commenting on the sexier man in the movie or more successful man in the world, surely your man will not feel admired and have the feeling of they are not good enough for us. The greatest confidence comes from our wives, and men who don’t sense this will often quit trying.

Ladies, we surely want our husband to be a successful man and the truth is they need your positive feedback and encouragement that keeps them motivated to do their best. You do have a lot to do with his well being not only in uplifting his little ego but also his desire for life and you. So, if your husband’s success depending on your admiration towards him, are we willing to consistently admire him?

3. Peace and Tranquility

Men want their home to be a place they could return to after a long day at work and relax, unwind and having their wives to be their wives not their mother. Contention appears in number of ways include opposing, nagging, arguing, challenging, belittling and competing. We think by any mean of contention, we are encouraging him to be a better person. But the truth is they do have fragile ego that should be handled with care and respect.

Ladies, are our home a place of peace and tranquility? Think before speaking and never let your tongue run loose.

4. Commitment

Men does want to have a commitment from their wives that they are your number one and you being faithful only to them. Commitment are simple action such as turning off the TV or talking a nightly walk in order to listen to each other concern. And these simple action that keep a marriage vibrant, interesting and exciting.

Ladies, does you husband know he is the number one to you? Does he aware that there are no other man could ever take his place?

5. Acceptance

Men does need a wife who trying to change them. Men needs a kind of love of ‘unconditional acceptance’, accepting them just as they are – an imperfect person. By accepting them and not demanding change, you will be able to learn and offer a love that is more stronger and healthier.

Ladies, are you willing to accept your husband without an agenda to change him?

6. Be able to lead

Men does want to lead their home but sometimes they are clueless. The greatest fear is that he might disappointing you as he sees you seem to do so well with all the responsibilities whether in the home, with the kids or in relationship. Wives should allow and accept mistakes made without criticize him when he is not capable as we does on some of the matter. Even to those simple task to fix the bed, if you notice its not the correct way, you could redo it later when he is not seeing. If they find the can’t compete in any area, they will just quit trying since he feels you always know what your are doing and he doesn’t.

Ladies, are you allowing your husband to sense your satisfaction in his abilities to lead? If you want him to lead, are you willing to follow?

7. Emotional release

Men does not know how to react when wives are in high emotional. They got panic and and try to fix it which usually on the opposite of the desired effect. Its great if you could communicate to notify him that its not his fault and he there is nothing that he needs to do to fix it especially when its related to the raging hormones. Track your menstrual cycle and mark days that you becoming more sensitive that affect your feeling and mood. Share this with your husband so that he will be forewarned of your changing state of mind, emotions and attitude.

Ladies, does your husband feel responsible for your emotions that are completely out of his control?

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