8 stressless treatment to ease a swollen ankles during pregnancy


Expecting mother may observe mild swelling in the ankles and feet during pregnancy called ‘oedema’ and it may range from merely annoying to being painful. Usually it occur during the third trimester.

The body accumulates 50% more blood and fluid during pregnancy to meet the needs of the developing baby. It also may be caused by the extra fluid which resulting to weight gain for about 25% during pregnancy. As uterus start putting pressure on leg veins causing the circulation to slow down and blood pools onto your legs leading to swelling on your ankles.

Here are some treatment steps you could do to deal with swollen ankles

1. Rest your feet

The fastest way to reduce swelling in the ankles is by resting your feet while keeping it up above your hips by resting them on a stool.
When sitting, try not to bend your knees at sharp angle as that can interfere with the body’s circulation and can make fluid accumulation in your ankles. Do not cross legs as it restricts blood flow.
When standing for longer period, try to move about from one foot to another to increase blood flow.

2. Regular exercise

Physical activity such as walks, ride a stationary bike or swim during pregnancy can be a reliever but remember not to overdo it. Long walk or a long day on your feet will definitely make swollen ankles worst.

3. Comfortable shoe

Go shopping for a comfy shoe or some soft slippers that stretch to accommodate any swelling in your feet. Avoid those tight straps or anything that might pinch your bloated feet.

4. Wear sock to bed

You could try wearing support stockings before bed. This will keep the swelling at bay by not allowing blood to pool at the legs. since the goal is to let blood and fluids flow as freely as possible, avoid tight elastic top sock or stockings.

5. Drink plenty of water

At least 8 to 10 glasses per day to reduce swelling as water allows the body to flush off the excess sodium and other waste products resulting to minimize swelling.

6. Eat well

Reduce the sodium intake in diet and avoid junk food. Excess sodium is a big contributor to swelling

7. Massage feet

You can massage your feet and anklet to reduce swelling. Use both hands and work upwards from feet to knee with aids of base oil such as grapeseed.

8. Sleep on your side

While at home, lie down on left side when possible. This takes pressure off the inferior vena cava – the large vein that returns blood from the lower half of your body to your heart.

When swelling can be serious

If the swelling persists for more than a day at a time, and if your face, feet or hands swell up suddenly, refer to your doctor to ensure its not pre-eclampsia.  Pre-eclampsia can be serious for both moms and baby and these are the symptom to be aware of:

#  Blurred eye sight
#  Severe weight gain
#  Throbbing headaches

How to prevent swelling?

It is not possible to prevent swelling but you can prevent it from becoming severe. Try to eat a balance diet so that you can keep an ideal and healthy weight during pregnancy. Eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce salt, sugar and fat.

Here are some suggestion on supplement that you can use to prevent the swelling from becoming severe.


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