Does stay-at-home mum make a great mum to avoid childhood neglect in their children?


Deciding to stay home with your children or be in the workforce is a difficult choice to make.
# Consider if a children are better raised with stay at home mothers or babysitters?
# Would your career pay off better than staying home and raise your children yourself?

What if you were being interviewed about your child and most of our answer seems to show that we did not know in details about them.

Would stay-at-home-mothers (SAHM) makes better mother than career women?

1.  Children benefit from time spend with their mother
Research done shows that even a few hours after child birth, the baby benefit from the contact with their mum.
Even psychologists studies children development and conclude that the best parent-child relationship develop when stay-at-home mum have lots of time spend together with the child. Children do not do well with large separations of time.

2.  Where are your children while you are at work?
Most working mums worries of their child’s whereabouts. Aren’t sure if they really are in school, wonder if they go straight home after school and many more question pop up in their mind.

With kidnapping cases we heard now and then, being a SAHM, she could pick them from school herself, have more communication with her child and have direct involvement in their activities.

3. Lead by example – are they behaving more like what you want them to be?
Placing your child at a daycare center or with a nanny would be the option for a working mum. Your parenting style might be different from the surrogate mum that might conflict leaving the child confused and unsure which should they follow.

SAHM is always presence and offers a uniformity that leaves the child in no doubt on ways be was told to behave, learn their part of responsibilities, understand which is appropriate and acceptable.

4. Career mother are better educated?
Many times a career mums be home when her child has gone to sleep leaving the ‘education’ that they can pass on is limited.

Many well qualified women choose to be SAHM looking after her child and have all the opportunity to teach her child everything under the moon – alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and get her child to be involved in daily activities, cook, clean and many more.

5. Children needs mother more during their growing phase.
Most mum get back to work when their child entered primary or secondary school assuming their children grew older and were more independent. Actually this phase is when they needed her the most as lack of parental involvement lead exposing them harmful inappropriate activities, engaged in misconduct since they are easily influence by inappropriate peer pressure.
SAHM is able to participate in her child life – be around to help her child with homework and exploring activities. They are more capable to response quickly to the child needs, available to her child’s request.

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