Ever wonder why you are feeling so tired and fatigue


Fatigue is when you feel tired or exhausted and need some rest. When someone experiencing physical fatigue, they often could not continue functioning as their usual physical ability.

Do you travel a lot or often on a holiday trips? But seems to be feeling fatigue and tired, falling sick easily ruins your holiday mood?
This is a sharing by a frequent traveler who have the common traveler problem.

What happen to Mrs Azlina sounds familiar to you?
After back from an outstation or holiday trip, common practices would be a Medical Leave for the following day. But now, that does not happen anymore, a consistent intake of ESP, Vitalea, B-Complex and Vitamin C supplement, not only feeling energetic but also an improvement in overall health, less likely to get infection and seldom caught a cold or flu.

Doesn’t that sound good to you?

What cause fatigue?

There are lots of factor that contribute to fatigue such as:

Lifestyle-related causes

1. Sleep problem
Working until late at night, sleep apnea, insomnia and jet lag are the common causes of sleep problem that leave you feeling exhausted the next day. Adults need about 8 hours of sleep each night. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime as well as keeping your bedroom quiet helps in getting enough sleep. ged men.

2. Lack of regular exercise
Active lifestyle and regular exercise known to improve fitness and health. Researches found that it also increasing feeling of energy for those who suffer fatigue. Even a low intensity exercise help to boost energy level and reduce fatigue.

Workplace-related causes

3. Workplace stress
Studies shown that staff who suffer stress are those who are:
# have too much work and not enough people to share the work with
# have been bullied or harassed
# working long hours
# have heavy workloads
These stressful emotional situation may also cause fatigue. This type of fatigue usually clears up when the stress is relieved.

Emotional concerns and stress

4. Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
Being anxious is sometimes normal but people who have constant, uncontrollable feelings of anxiety that affect their daily life are knows as GAD and they are often feel tired.

5. Depression
Apart from being sad, loss of appetite, depression drained off energy. It tend to develop insomnia resulting to feel more tired during the day. Don’t keep that to yourself, get help from doctor or therapist or family to get back to feeling better.

Medical causes

6. Restless legs
Having an uncomfortable sensations in the legs keeps a person awake at night. Sleepless night promotes the feeling of very tired throughout the day.

7. Diabetes
A condition where too much sugar in the blood rather than entering the body’s cell to be used for energy, feeling very tired is the main symptoms. Visit the doctor and get that checked with a blood test.

8. Anaemia
Being constantly fatigue could be caused by iron deficiency called anaemia. Commonly affect post-menopausal woman and women with heavy menstrual periods and pregnant women. Replenish the iron through diet is possible by consuming iron rich food such as meats and dark, leafy greens, or supplements. Again, this is easily checked with blood testing


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