5 Delicious Confinement Recepie Apart From Having Snakefish Daily


Labour and delivery drain mother energy and they need to be replenish with a balance diet during the 1 month postnatal confinement period. Restoring of energy and health is important as you have additional responsibilities caring for baby as well as breastfeeding.

Usually confinement period last for a whole month from the baby is born. Some goes as long as 42 to 44 days under the care of mother or mother-in-law
My mother-in-law who took care of me during my confinement were not strictly on Chinese Traditional. So it was quite relaxing for me. The do and donts are usually:

On food intake
# Avoiding food that are consider ‘cold’ in nature such as watermelon, pineapple cucumber, cabbage and bitter gourd to name a few.
# Avoid food that are consider ‘windy’ such as jackfruits, onions as they are believed to cause colic in baby.
# Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are to be totally avoided
# No spicy and hot food as they were believe to bring discomfort to the baby.

On self care routine
# No washing hair for entire confinement period. Thanks to the dry-shampoo which really helps to eliminate the ordor
# Bathing were on warm water with infused herbs
# Contact with cold water, low temperature from air-conditioner and fan to be avoided
# Avoid walking or moving around too much, advisable to lie on your back in bed

There are actually more physical recovery and condition that a newly deliver mother need to cope with, such as
# care for the painful, itchy stitches after a vaginal delivery
# discomfort urinating and passing bowel movements form the tear after giving birth

But surprisingly, how Mrs Khadeejah able to move around freely just like nothing had happen? Before this she was a Tokophobia, or fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Lets see how was her confinement was like until she become a Tokophobia.


1. Breakfast


2. Lunch or Dinner


I am so glad that with the help of mother-in-law, i could have these range of nutritious food in my daily diet. Its essential to be modest in food intake as our body is recovering and it needs a well balance diet.

If you are in doubt in Postnatal Set, go for a natural, save and proven working. Remember that what you consume is also gain by your baby. He depend on you for his nutrition supplies through your breastmilk.

You can contact us for any inquiry and free consultation on how you could integrating the supplement into your daily routine to ease your confinement frenzy. Don’t wait until your constipation worsen, fatigue and weak then only decide to be on the supplement. Your bab.ķy and family needs you.

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