Early detection of symphysis-pubis-dysfunction in pregnancy could prevent mom-to-be ended up in a wheelchair


Maria Rubia, 26 never imagined that her childbirth with her first baby could end up in a wheelchair. The x-ray revealed that her pubic bone had split apart which happened at the final push during delivery.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is a weird pregnancy conditions related to your pelvis.
There is a tiny gap between the 2 halves that comes together at the front of the pelvis. This gap naturally increases just a smidgen to create more room for your baby to grow and pass through when born. But for some women’s pubic bones separated too far or unevenly resulting to pain and inability to function as it is suppose to be during certain activities.
The dysfunction is also related to the hormone relaxin, produced by the body during pregnancy with a mission to soften the ligaments in the pelvis so the joints can move apart to let the baby move down the passage. Too high or too much produced too soon during pregnancy, before 14 weeks leads to SPD as the body doesn’t adapt to the stretchier, looser ligaments.


Higher risk to develop SPD:

1. You had pelvic girdle pain or pelvic pain before you become pregnant
2. You had pelvic girdle pain in previous pregnant
3. You had a previous injury to your pelvis
4. You have high BMI and overweight before or during pregnant
5. You started period before age 11, related with growth and puberty
6. You had a large baby or twins, they tend to increase pressure right on your pubic bone
7. Poor pasture, adding tension and pressure to the pelvis

What are the symptoms?

# Most common symptoms are pain in the pubic area and groin
# Back and hip pain.
# Pain with grinding or clicking sensation in the pubic area too.
# Pain inside of your thighs or between legs
# Pain that made worse by walking, standing, rolling over in bed, going up and down stairs and getting in and out of the car can hurt one side of the joint shifts more than the other.
# It is also often much worse at night and can stop you getting enough sleep.
# Navigating stairs can be difficult so it is best if you are accompanied and are more careful when you are driving.


Untreated or not taken care of the condition can lead to disabilities or physical damage.

Expert says:

You can suffer from this in a mild form, which can be treated by
# wearing pelvic support belt that corsets pelvic bones back into place during pregnancy
# Do your kegals and pelvic tilts that help strengthen the muscles of the pelvis
# Sit down to get dressed, avoid standing on one leg.
# Avoid heavy lifting and pushing
# Avoiding strenuous exercise
# Avoid prolonged standing

But in the extreme form you can end up in a wheelchair or using a tripod to walk around. Some women can be bed-bound in hospital for a few weeks but it is very rare.

SPD can occur anytime during pregnancy or after birth. Even after the baby is born, it can take 3-4 months to settle but it does go completely .

Birth planning

Recommended for sufferer to give birth in an upright position, knee slightly apart. Often suggested that a ribbon tied to both legs to ensure the gap never exceeds maximum comfort zone.

SPD can make a vaginal delivery impossible so practitioner opt for C-Section

A lady who had SPD shared her experience that by taking calcium magnesium and with slow movement helped a lot.

Even for Ms Ida, being in pain doesn’t help when you need to take care of your baby. She shared her experience on how calcium reduces her pain and even prevented her breastfed child from tooth decay.

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