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Sep  29

7 Simple remedies to remove blackheads

Blackhead are tiny bumps, dark spots that appear on the surface of your skin and its a common problem attacking those with oily skin. It get worst if you fail to clean it properly. They are formed from excess oil by sebaceous glands in your skin, plus dead skins buildup that clog the hair follicles and form a plug, making it a suitable breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Blackheads can be...

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Sep  28

An international holiday for FREE, don’t tell me you reject the offer

There are few places that i have dreaming of going to but yet to achieve any of them. I wish i would be so fortunate like Mr. Bean in his movie Holiday, by wining a lucky draw he could enjoy a trip to Europe. But in reality, it doesn’t happen that easy. You got to work hard to do saving to earn a trip, even a short distance holiday needs more money in hand to cover for the expenses. Even...

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Sep  22

Travel for free to Bangkok with a 5 star accomodation

If we have a chance to go for a holiday trip, i am sure lots of preparation to be done ahead of time, it might takes a year or more depending on you saving monthly, the destination and the exchange rate value. Sometimes we tend to be choosy on destination because of financial factor.  But what if you were given a chance for a FREE trip oversea? Did you know? Early in September 2015, Shaklee...

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Sep  21

Is Soy milk during pregnancy safe to consume?

The old wives tales that you usually will hear about soy during pregnancy : If you eat lots of tofu, your baby will have a good complexion; skin will be very smooth and fairer. Soy contains isoflavone Its some how true as soy contains isoflavone that is responsible to : # brighten the skin # boost collagen production # improve skin tone # prevent melanin pigments from affecting the color of the...

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Sep  18

Slow down aging by stimulating collagen in your skin to get rid of wrinkles and reduce fine lines

Sagging and thinning of the skin are the two well known causes of aging. Skin aging is a fact of life, although we could not prevent skin from aging but we can slow it down. Why is Threonine important for a healthy skin? Skin are made from protein and they renew themselves every month just like other cell in the body. Collagen in the skin, is a protein made of amino acids. Threonine, One of the...

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Sep  12

Low glycemic Index diet proven to reduce risk of health complications

What is Glycemic Index (GI)? As when a person consume foods and drinks containing carbohydrates, the GI represent the total rise in a person’s blood sugar or glucose level. The digestive system breaks down these carbohydrates from food and drinks into simple sugars, known as glucose. This simple sugar is then carried to each cell through the bloodstream. The pancreas secretes a hormone...

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Sep  10

An easy startup with MLM. Is it true?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) MLM is a marketing strategy in where sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the others that they recruit. Recruited personal is referred to as distributor’s “downline”. The distributor will also make money through sales of product to customers which create multiple levels of...

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Sep  07

9 warning signs you are not getting enough protein from your diet

Whenever our body is not getting the nutrition it needs to function well, it will gives you signals indicating that something is wrong. Severely crash diet, lack of knowledge about nutrients and poverty can contribute to protein malnutrition. Here are some of the most common symptoms You constant carving Carving for non-nuritional foods such as carbs, sweet, caffeine, chocolate or chips does...

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Sep  04

7 perfect habits of people with flawless skin that you can apply in your daily routine

A flawless skin isn’t just a dream, it’s possible as does not need excellent genes to have great skin. No matter what your natural complexion is, clear skin can be yours too. Miss Nor Farizan secret on how she gain a healthy, clear, glowing and gorgeous skin after 7 years struggling with bad acne and scar problem. Surprisingly, less than a year of consistently practice, she was free...

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Sep  03

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks with nutrition

Fine lines appear on your abdomen, belly bottom and thighs during pregnancy resulted by # tearing of connective tissue beneath the skin resulted of sudden weight gain # pregnancy hormonal changes # fat loss in the abdomen after delivery # less elastic skin   We are usually exposed to slathering pregnancy bellies with cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks.  Instead from treating the surface...

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