Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks With Nutrition


Fine lines appear on your abdomen, belly bottom and thighs during pregnancy resulted by
# tearing of connective tissue beneath the skin resulted of sudden weight gain
# pregnancy hormonal changes
# fat loss in the abdomen after delivery
# less elastic skin

We are usually exposed to slathering pregnancy bellies with cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks.  Instead from treating the surface issue, we should actually prevent stretch marks from the inside out.  Its possible, since deficiencies of certain vitamin is the main cause of skin damage.

Here are nutrition that you can use during pregnancy to be free from stretch marks.

1. Protein – ESP
Skin are made up of protein include collagen and elastin that gives skin its elasticity that enable it to stretch and shrink back to accommodate the body changes.
But during pregnancy, body weight increases too fast that the body can’t produce enough collagen and elastin to bear extreme stretching that lead to stretch marks.
Protein improve the quality of your skin and help to prevent the development of stretch marks.


Good ways to get quality protein is from ESP; made from non-GMO soybeans that contains 9 essential amino acids.

Amino acids  ->  pass into blood -> cells uses these amino acids to construct new body cells, support cell growth and repair tissues from stretch marks.


2. Vitamin E


Vitamin E works by protecting cell membranes and improving skin’s elasticity. Regular usage could prevent stretch mark from developing, reduce the appearance of the stretch marks color and make them less visible.

3. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is vital for the overall health of the skin.  It helps protect and maintain the appearance of the skin through the production of collagen.

It also help the body to produce new skin cells and limit stretch mark formation in the earlier stage.


4. Zinc
Low level of zinc during pregnancy resulting to stretch marks as a result of :
# high demand of mineral by the growing baby
# hormonal changes

Zinc is required for healthy and replenish collagen, the connective tissue that holds skin together. Its a component that required for the enzymes to work properly to repair skin wounds.


5. Collagen Powder

Collagen is a strong ‘cement-like’ that binds together the cells of your body and is responsible to strengthen the skin.  When you lost collage, muscles seems to begin to sag.

To prevent and heal stretch marks, your body needs more collagen to provide the skin with flexibility needed to withstand stretching.

Shaklee Collagen powder, a pure and high quality collagen extracted from the scale of Red Snapper. Its extremely low molecular weight, at approximately 1,000 Dalton, making it easily absorbed by the body due to its smaller molecule size.  The collagen help to stimulate collagen production within the body, making skin more supple and elastic.


6. Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream

Shaklee Herbal Blend Mulitpurpose cream is made from pure extracts of natural, soothing herbs including sage, horse chestnut, yarrow and rosemary which is save during pregnancy.

Apply a small amount to  the belly, thighs and anywhere on the body that needs attention.   It soothes, softens and promotes healing of dry skin.


Are you fed up of covering and hiding your stretch marks?  Stop obsessing over your flaws, choose the natural, safe and proven working ways without the need to go through surgery.
You can refer to the tips to prevent stretch marks at abdomen and thighs during pregnancy

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