9 warning signs you are not getting enough protein from your diet

Whenever our body is not getting the nutrition it needs to function well, it will gives you signals indicating that something is wrong. Severely crash diet, lack of knowledge about nutrients and poverty can contribute to protein malnutrition.


Here are some of the most common symptoms

You constant carving
Carving for non-nuritional foods such as carbs, sweet, caffeine, chocolate or chips does happen when your body depending on sugar for energy instead of protein. When the body could not get enough protein, they turns to carbs for energy.

You are tired

Inability to do so, resulting to not only physically tired but mental lack of motivation.

You feel weak
Protein is essential for building muscle and not getting enough of it makes your muscles sore, weak and cramp over time.  Protein support muscle growth and strength. That is the reason why you feel weak and unable to do your daily activities like you used to do.

Your hair is falling out

Insufficient protein, the scalp-stabalizing nutrient, your body goes into conservation mode which preventing valuable protein used for production of hair. That is the reason why you will notice the hair strands start thinning, dry, falls out easily and more often and growing at a slower rate.

You have brittle nails


You get sick constantly
Protein is important to build the compounds in our immune system.  Protein deficiency may cause the muscles to seek energy from other area of your body to keep up with the function. When this happen, the immune system become starved until it can’t produce enough antibodies, weakened as the number of white blood cells decreases. That is the reason why you tend to constantly get infected by common illness such as colds and flu.

You have poor injury recovery
Protein is necessary to build new tissue, fuel muscle recovery and regrowth. When deficiency of protein, the body could not repair itself resulting to muscles and tendons injuries takes longer to heal.

You have insomnia
Inability to have a good deep sleep through the night could be resulting from lack of protein in the diet. Protein helps stabilize blood sugar and avoid carbohydrate roller coaster resulting to freeing the body to learn how to burn its fat.

A long-lasting fuel – body fats when burned, can last at lease 8 to 9 hours during the night when we asleep. If the body only accustomed to burn sugar and carbs, it will wake up every 2-3 hours looking for its next meal.

You are unable to handle stress well

What to do about it?

Here is what to do if you think you are have these symptoms that are the first signs that your diet may be lacking in complete proteins.

Go for a good source of protein
There are many fine non-animal source of protein and starting your day with a smoothie with protein powder helps to ensure you get enough protein.



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