Is Soy milk during pregnancy safe to consume?

The old wives tales that you usually will hear about soy during pregnancy : If you eat lots of tofu, your baby will have a good complexion; skin will be very smooth and fairer.


Soy contains isoflavone

Its some how true as soy contains isoflavone that is responsible to :
# brighten the skin
# boost collagen production
# improve skin tone
# prevent melanin pigments from affecting the color of the skin cells

Apart from work magic for the skin complexion, expecting woman are advice to consume milk for the purpose of fetus development. There are many option in the market that can be choose from but you should consider the soy milk derived from soy beans.

The best soy milk source

In selecting the best soy milk source, consider ones that :
# Made from NON-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism) soy bean
# No artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives added
# Uses water-washed to retain natural isoflavones in it
# Contain all the amino acids, including 9 essential ones you must get from your food
# Low glycemic index to retain normal blood sugar levels

All these criteria are what ESP soy Protein could offer you. For example, Mrs. Haridah Sahri she deliver her 4th child and she consumed soy during her pregnancy and she notice the difference with her other older children. The 4th child is more fairer, gifted with smooth complexion and with strong bones.

Listen to her what she have to say on her own experience.

Preparing an ESP soy protein drink

ESP soy protein powder, its quick and easy to prepare, just mix the ESP protein powder with your favorite drink such as Milo, Horlick or fruit blended together. You can drink it cold or lukewarm in order to preserve proteins being destroyed at high temperatures.



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Health benefit of Soy Milk during pregnancy

1. Highest quality of protein
# It was the first soy isolate ever created and developed by Dr. Shaklee in 1961.
# Each 850g canister is derived from 25kg of soybeans
# The protein of soybean is 2x of meat, 4x of egg, 12x of milk
# Low in fat, no cholesterol, no uric acid and easier absorbs by the body

2. Rich in protein
# ESP Soy Protein are made up of 22 types of amino acids including 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced by human body.
# Protein is essential to support development of fetal cell growth, brain development and blood production.
# Necessary for strong and healthy and stable placenta
# It helps your unborn child’s organs to develop well
# Treat depression and anxiety for a healthy mental during pregnancy
# Arginie, an amino acid help protect pregnant women against preeclampsia which if not treated, could lead to preterm labor or low birthweight.

3. Low glycemic index
# A healthy low GI diet ensure your children’s future health.
# It help in maintaining you blood sugar level low to prevent baby born with excess body fat.
# At the same time, being less obsess help reduce risk of chronic disease in adulthood.
# Since low GI food are mostly high in fiber and other nutrients, it takes longer to be digested.
# You will be less likely to experience a spike in your blood sugar level which allow you to feeling fuller longer. Therefore, less likely to overeat.

Low glycemic Index diet proven to reduce risk of health complications would be a good reference to understand more on GI measurement.

4. Ostreoporosis
# Being pregnant, baby growing in the mother’s womb need calcium for its skeleton development. If the mother don’t have insufficient of these nutrients, her baby will draw what is needed from the mother’s bone.
# ESP Soy Protein is a good source of calcium and could help you get your important mineral to support for a strong bone.



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Lastly, pregnancy is surely an exciting time,  give yourself some tender love and care that will make you feel comfortable. Enjoy the process and have fun and stick to a healthy diet.



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