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If we have a chance to go for a holiday trip, i am sure lots of preparation to be done ahead of time, it might takes a year or more depending on you saving monthly, the destination and the exchange rate value. Sometimes we tend to be choosy on destination because of financial factor.  But what if you were given a chance for a FREE trip oversea?

Did you know? Early in September 2015, Shaklee announced an international trip with all the expenses paid for a 4 days and 3 nights trip to Bangkok for qualified new distributor. This is not a joke so do go through the information on the trip below.

Shaklee STAR Asia Trip is too good not to share with you. Since its FREE, you don’t have to worry about the current low Currency Exchange rate, no worries on searching for cheap flight fare, no needs to search for accommodation through the online booking portal. These become possible since 100% expenses paid by Shaklee and you get to enjoy Bangkok, a city famous for its history, food, shopping and sightseeing.  During the trip, you were invited to attend the highlight of the trip – a fabulous grand gala dinner which would be an opportunity of a lifetime that you could not afford to miss.

How to be qualify to earn an all expenses paid 4 days 3 nights trip to Bangkok?


# Join us at Shaklee as a member, contact me, SimplyRemedies at 0194590217
# Lifetime membership fee as low as RM69.
# Spread the goodness of Shaklee.
# And be appointed as a supervisor and effective in that rank for a minimum of any 4 months during September 2015 to April 2015, you are already eligible to enjoy the FREE trip.

The terms are not something that is impossible to be fulfill.  But how to go about it if a person is not registered yet?   Then its a good time to register and make sure you are a member before year 2015 ends.

I believe with a consistent, perseverance and positive attitude you surely can be on the trip to Bangkok and its for FREE!


Adding to that, you would be eligible to have a bottle of Vitalea worth RM93.30 for FREE too.   A Shaklee distributor benefit does not stop there, more incentive to be discover and enjoy for a lifetime.

Start now and be qualify for the trip and be a Star too.


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Aren’t you excited?  I am.. Let watch montages video on what to expect during the Star Asia Trip 2016

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Shaklee Distributor ID : 1140236
WhatsApp : 019-4590-217
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