9 tips for travelling safely while expecting


Once doctor give you the green light, you will be ready for the babymoon – one last freedom with a vacation of your choices. The second trimester is the perfect time to travel after morning sickness passes and before you are too bulky for the bullhead

Pick an ideal spot
Choose a destination that you are comfortable with, easy to reach and has medical facilities. Consult doctor for travel medicine if health care won’t be immediately available or tropical diseases present a risk. If its to another country, check if immunizations is required.  Careful attention is required as studies have shown that pregnant mums are with low immune system and more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes and the world health organization (WHO) reports that pregnant mother are more susceptible to contracting malaria which often transmits through mosquitoes which can lead to miscarriage or still birth.

Pick hotel that are well-known for comfort, hygiene and good customer service.  It’s well-known that infection spread including contact with infected person or contact with contaminated bedding or clothing.  A blatant disregard for hygienic practices lead to serious infection.  Reported from hidden camera observant in numerous hotels, housekeeping staff was caught either rinsing the drinking glass with water only or washing them with industrial cleaner labeled ‘do not drink’ or the dirty bath towels from previous guest were used to dry the class after rinsing in tap water.

Travel with a companion
Common pregnancy heartburn, leg cramp and frequent bathroom trips goes along with your vacation. A vacation with travel partner is more practical as your companion will help you along the way.


Airline restriction
If you are flying, check if any restrictions with the selected airlines. Certain airlines require letter from your doctor that it’s safe for you to travel while pregnant.

Stay comfortable during a plane flight
Request a seat in the middle of the plane over the wing for a smoothest ride or a bulkhead seat for more legroom. Avoid sitting in the last row or in the front of the exit rows as you wouldn’t be able to recline your seat. Select an aisle seat as your bladder will thank you.


Fly smart
Try to book non stop routes that will spare you the frantic gate changes. Expectant mums are at higher risk for developing the blood clots known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Thus, you may want to boost your blood flow by drinking plenty of water and moving around the cabin at least once every 2 hours. Support hose also keeps blood moving and ease swelling in your legs
Before continue to the next tips, let’s view a 1 minute sharing from a mum during her pregnancy. Full with energy till she defeated her non-expecting friend. Thank you mummy for this sharing.

The must pack
You may want to bring your own pillow on your trip. other items to pack including protein-rich snacks to stave off low blood sugar en route and sandle or other slip-ons to ease swollen feet. travel-size detergent wipes will take care of spots on your maternity tops. pharmaceutical names vary worldwide, as do drugs deemed safe for use in pregnancy. thus, do bring prescriptions and over the counter medications with you. check with your doctor before you leave and get a copy of your pre-natal records.

Opt for a leisurely vacation
Avoid anything with high impact or high risk of falling like bicycling or skiing. Any extreme pressure changes like scuba diving should be avoided to. As you are prone to exhaustion, make it a leisurely vacation, spend a week in a single destination, sightseeing nearby and work nap time into your day. Cut your itinerary and schedule in half.

Eat right
Bacteria and parasites in food and water can produce a severe infection in mother, baby or both and dehydration and diarrhoea can cause pre-mature labour. Take a pass on raw fish and non-pasteurized daily products. In less developed countries, ensure you scrub and peel fruits and veggies, devour only steaming hot meals and stay away from those ice cubes.
Well-balance and healthy food are important for mum and baby.  You can refer here:


Pregnancy is not the time to experiment, hope the information is useful for your vacation during pregnancy.

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