Pregnant or breastfeeding? Get your Choline for a less stress baby and life-long learning ability.


What is choline?

Research had shown that women who consume folic acid daily prior to pregnancy may reduce the risk of their babies suffering from neural tube defects.  Only recently, researchers discover the importance of choline to baby’s spine, nervous system and brain cells development during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Choline is an essential nutrient in the B-vitamin family and is needed for chemical reaction in the body specifically :
# Proper brain development and functions
# Proper liver function
# Consider as nootropic (to enhance memory or other cognitive functions) supplement
# Major role in stress management
# Support fetus’s developing nervous system

Why is it important?

A study had been done and it showed that mother who have a low intake of choline have 4x the risk of having a baby with neural tube defects.  Another study showed the adequate amount of choline during pregnancy can help to curb cleft palate, a form of birth defect that affect the mouth.  According to Professor Steven Zeisel of School of Public Health and Medicine at the University of North Carolina, the steam cells that divide to form the brain and the sine depend on choline to divide normally. An extra bit of choline is helpful to the development of the hippocampus, the brain’ memory center.

Important of choline intake during pregnancy

Because it affects the development of baby’s brain, a significant amount of choline is transferred from the mother’s body to the baby.

Recent study found :
# Babies whose moms had low choline in their blood during pregnancy scored lower on cognitive tests at 18 months
# Demonstrated that choline during pregnancy increases intelligence into adulthood, and also seems to be protective against memory loss later in life
# Help decrease the baby’s levels of cortisol, which is widely known as the “stress hormone.”

Important of choline intake during lactation

After the birth, breast milk is a great source of choline
For infants, breast milk is a great source of choline, which may be one of the reasons research shows a link between breastfeeding and optimal brain development.

Other benefits for moms who have adequate choline include:

# Avoid ‘foggy brain’ during pregnancy (your choline need increases as baby draws on your supply)
# Reduced risk of breast cancer
# Lower level of homocysteine ( too much in the blood associated with increase risk of heart disease, cancer and cognitive decline)

Recommended that pregnant mother should pay attention to choline intake in their diet. Choline can be found in foods such as turkey, quiona, eggs, wheat germ, chicken, tofu, bread and spinach that are safe to eat during pregnancy.

choline source chart

If the need to increase the intake, you can always opt for supplementing.
During pregnancy, Shaklee B-Complex could be the best option, as it consist all the B vitamin including folic acid and Choline.


During Lactation, add Shaklee Lecithin to your diet. Apart from being a great source of Choline, it helps prevent block duct.


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