8 steps to develop baby intelligence while in the womb


The foundation of your child’s brain is built in the womb. It’s the initial stage intelligence and personality are formed and how it develop, affecting childhood through adulthood. A mother roles start immediately by making sure her baby have everything he need even while in the womb.

Here are 8 factors that help to improve the mental development of the unborn baby.

1. Play music
Frequently playing soft, lullabies, children’s song and mild classic music since baby is 23 weeks old is highly recommended. Baby at this age in his mother’s womb can hear sound and these type of song tend to be able to sooth and help them to remain calm. Being calm could help building concentration in a baby staying inside mother’s womb.


2. Touching baby from outside
Unborn baby needs to to feel his mother’s touch as they need to feel your presence. Mother can do that by touching, patting or rubbing rhythmically her belly from outside that makes him feel cozy and comfortable. It tend to stimulate the baby brain to search for more sensations that help improve his sensory skills.
Caressing the womb stimulate the baby and increase flow of blood to the womb. In a way, it help in baby’s brain development.


3. Talking and reading
Sing lullabies, reading a newspaper or story book out loud is advisable so that baby can listen to it too. Talk to them and let them realize that he is important, how much you love them and part of the family. Developing close connection is a great help in developing the skills of reading, writing and language in his life later.
Baby can recognize their mother’s voice, hear and understand the language spoken by his mother even when he is still inside the womb. Make the baby listen to the sound of the father, siblings and other family member create a positive effects on the IQ and language development of the baby.

4. Stay relaxed and stress free
Reduce stress and anxiety level as much as possible is an important way of :
# increasing brain development in a child
# improve emotional development in a child

Stress produce a hormone called ‘cortisol’ that affect baby through the enzyme produced by placenta that tries to reduce the effect of cortisol. Higher stress level during pregnancy especially first trimester cause congenital malfunction of the brain.


5. Moderate exercise
Low impact exercise such as walking and swimming during pregnancy :
# improve the breathing of the baby
# promote development of the nervous system.
# boost the brain development
# keep you and your baby healthy and fit

Researchers have found that babies of mums who worked out while they were expecting performed better on standardized intelligence and language tests five years after birth than babies of mums who took the couch potato route as exercise :
# improve blood circulation and provide enough blood and oxygen to the fetus
# increases ability of nutrients to the fetus


6. Eat nutritious food
Starting from the time you of trying to conceive, its important to start eating balanced and nutritious meal as it is a major factor that influences development of baby’s intelligence.


7. Avoid smoking
Smoke constricts the blood vessels and reduce the flow of blood to the fetus resulting to reduction of nutrients available to the fetus. Exposure to nicotine during pregnancy affect the brain cells which is essential for the cognitive development of the baby. Being a secondhand smoker is consider dangerous for the baby.


8. Avoid alcohol
Consumption of alcohol intoxicates a baby as it crosses the placenta. Too high intoxication leads to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) that linked to permanent damage of the brain and central nervous system.
A baby whose mother consume alcohol during pregnancy tend to have :
# poor IQ
# poor cognitive skills
# poor memory
# poor cause-effect reasoning
# impulsive behavior
# attention deficits

Apart from that, food you eat directly affect the growth and development of your unborn child’s brain.


Here are the crucial nutrients that you should pay attention to :

Choline plays a key role in the construction of your baby’s septrum and hippocampus, two major neurological center for learning and memory. Deficiency may decrease blood vessel growth and hinder your growing baby’s brain and development.   Pregnant or breastfeeding? Get your Choline for a less stress baby and life-long learning ability, would be an interesting topic related to choline impact on unborn and babies brain development.

Folic acid supplement even during planing phase for conception and throughout the pregnancy period is recommended to prevent neural tube defect. The brain and spinal cord develop from the neural tube tissue and improper closing of the tube leads to severe malformations of brain and spinal cord.

Omega-3, especially DHA is brain nutrient and necessary for optimal brain development. Mothers with high omega-3 intake during pregnancy tend to have children who do better on verbal, social and communication skills during early childhood.

Protein is vital for normal brain development as brain growth requires extra energy which makes protein is important in your diet. Protein are crucial it make new cells and direct nerve cells to migrate to appropriate places in the brain and to grow. Protein malnutrition could result to poor brain development.

Iron, helps promote the growth of healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen to your baby’s brain. Deprived of oxygen in the womb is putting the baby in higher risk of poor growth and lower IQ.

Prenatal supplement that you could gain those crucial nutrients :

B-Complex is another good source of choline and it comes with folic acid too. It consist of all 8 B’s vitamin and provides a “Patented Bioactivated Folic Acid Coating” to ensure folic acid easily absorb by the body.

Omega Guard contain 7 ultra-pure omega 3 fatty acids including DHA, EPA, and other omega-3 with Vitamin E to maintain the stability of the oil.

ESP soy based protein powder is a plant-based, biologically complete protein source that’s low in fat, cholesterol free and complete with 9 essential amino acids.

Vita-lea formulated with iron that provides 23 essential vitamins and mineral for comprehensive and balanced nutritional support.

More than anything else, your nutritional intake affects your baby’s healthy development.
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