Alternative treatment without drugs to improve ADHD symptoms in your child

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common disorder in childhood that comes with symptoms such as difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity (over-activity). These symptoms appear before age 7 and these symptoms greatly interfere with everyday life.



Signs and Symptoms

A person is diagnosed with ADHD if they have at least 6 symptoms from the following categories, lasting for at least 2 months. They may be different in boys and girls (boys may be more hyperactive and girls more inattentive).

# Fails to pay close attention to details or makes careless mistakes
# Have difficulty focusing in one thing
# Does not seem to listen when spoken to
# Does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish tasks
# Has difficulty organizing tasks and activities
# Avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as school work)
# Loses things needed for tasks or activities
# Be easily distracted
# Is forgetful in daily activities

# Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms when seated
# Does not remain seated during meal, school or story time
# Runs or climbs excessively in inappropriate situations
# Talks nonstop

# Be very impatient
# Shows emotion without restrain
# Have difficulty waiting for his or her turn
# Interrupts or intrudes on others conversations or activities

Risk Factors

1. Gender
– ADHD is 4 to 9 times more common in boys than in girls. Some experts believe that the disorder is under diagnosed in girls, however, and recent studies show no association between a child’s sex and ADHD.

2. Prenatal and early postnatal health
– Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances
– Pre-term birth and low birth weight.
– Low Apgar scores at birth.

3. Maternal drug, alcohol, and cigarette use.
– Exposure of the fetus or infant to toxins, including lead and PCBs.


Poor nutrition is a significant concern for attention problems and ADHD. If you have children diagnosed with ADHA, it require a family commitment for a dietary changes as significant improvements noticed with nutritional approach.

1. Introduce well-balanced and healthy diet with high-nutrient of colorful fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Growing children need lots of protein for building healthy cells and strong immune system. Shaklee Milk Shakes provide the protein they need in a milk-based form that could be use to make a delicious healthy and nutritious milk shake. It also:
# Provide complete nutrition – 19 essential vitamins and minerals
# Excellent source of dietary fiber and protein
# Contain fundamental nutrients that growing kids and teens need to stay strong and healthy


2. Adequate Omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acids (especially DHA) are the building blocks a child needs to build a healthy brain. Insufficient omega-3 levels are common in children with ADHD, and there is evidence that omega-3 supplementation, improves behavior and ADHD symptoms.

Other studies have found that children with ADHD have lower levels of omgea-3 fatty acids in their blood, compared with kids who don’t have the condition.

Feed children with rich Omega 3 food are ground flaxseed, hemp and chia seeds, walnuts, fish. Give the these regularly. Apart from that, you can always supplementing them with Shaklee OmegaGuard which is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish, like humans, accumulate toxins in the fat cells that surround organs and with that awareness, Shaklee OmegaGuard has gone through triple molecular distillation process which guarantees the removal of impurities and contaminants making it a product that you can trust.


3. Supplemental GLA
Omega-6 fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) when combined with Omega 3 fatty acids foundn to improves behavior and ADHD symptoms, including psychosomatic issues, anxiety, and cognitive problems. Many children with ADHD have trouble converting simpler essential fatty acids into this important nutrient so supplementing is important.




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