Potential complications for mother and baby when caesarean delivery becomes a neccesity

Childbirth always being relate to a ‘normal delivery’, the baby goes through birth canal, and in a pink of health, uncomplicated procedure just as planned. But, sometimes normal may not be the norm. if a mother or baby has certain problems before labour, a planned Caesarean-section birth becomes necessary.

What is Caesarean-section birth?


Caesearan birth is when a baby is birth by surgery. The obstetrician makes a cut through the belly and uterus and then removes the baby.

Planned C-Section

If the problem has been identified ahead of time, a mum will be schedule for a C-Section. The common reasons includes:

1. The baby is breech or transverse position close to the due date
2. The baby is large (more than 9 pounds)

1. The mother has placenta previa – the cervix opening is blocked by the placenta
2. The mother has heart problem which could go worst by the stress at labor
3. The mother has an infection that she could pass to the baby during a canal birth.
4. The mother is carrying twin or multiples at a pregnancy
5. The mother had a C-Section previously and having the same complication
6. The mother had a complication that could cause a uterine rapture.
7. The mother has already had other surgeries on her uterus.

Often both mother and baby are doing well after a C-Section but it is at 4x more riskier than natural birth.

Potential complications on mother

# longer recovery period

# Pain around the wound

# Excessive blood loss

# Complications from anesthesia such as pneumonia, allergic reaction and low blood pressure

# Blood clots due to decreased mobility after surgery

# Risk of damage to the mother’s bowel and bladder

Potential complications on baby

# Baby face risk of serious breathing problem if c-section carried out too early


# Delayed mother-infant attachment
Placing a newborn baby on her mother’s chest helps to stabilize baby’s heartbeat and breathing, glucose level and metabolic. Skin-to-skin contact and minimizing separation after birth reduces stress in both mother and baby.
C-Section usually will be taken to the nursery for observation and monitoring for any potential problems during the first hour of life.

# Higher risk for asthma
C-Section baby tend to have a certain kind of bacteria in their intestines that increase the risk for developing allergies or asthma later on

# Prone to certain infection or allergies
During natural birth, a baby comes into contact with mother’s bacteria that trigger a good bacteria in infant’s gut where 80% of the immune system is located. These bacteria helps to stimulate and train infant’s immune system to be stronger
C-Section baby bypass this process and tend to experience a delay up to 6 months in acquiring good bacteria compared with babies born via normal delivery.

Nature provides a solution: breast milk

I had a C-Section as we was with placenta previa. My obstetrician detected the condition earlier and we were hoping on improvement but then was confirmed at the 8th months of pregnancy’s checkup that we need to be on a planned C-Section.  Thank God, ours was a smooth ones without complication.  Even on C-Section, i manage to breastfed my son until now, age 2 years 11 months old.  Not only myself has successfully breastfed and continue on after baby’s 6 months old,  Puan Farah Wahid too made it and she is more than happy to share her tips.

#  The colostrum, first secretion from mum’s breast is rich with antibodies.

#  Breast milk is also rich in good bacteria and probiotics.

By breastfeeding, you can give your baby the best protection in order to boost his resistance to infections and many more benefits.  Interested to find out more on supplement that could help to fill in the nutrition gaps that could not be obtained from diet alone which actually helps mum to be healthier, calm and energetic that have positive impact on breastmilk production, step in here : Nutrition during postnatal period is important to avoid a hungry baby crying at mommy.

With that i hope you could successful in your breastfeeding journey for the health benefit and emotion affect towards our beloved children.


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