Preparing yourself for a healthy Menopause

Menopause is a permanent shut down of ovarian function which commonly happen when a woman enter the age of 52 or some earlier as mid of 40s or late 50s. Menopause mark the end of a woman’s fertility.

What is there to know about menopause?


When women ovaries supply of stored eggs runs out, this is menopause leaving the woman is left with infertility. Hormones related to developing and releasing egg, estrogen and progesterone becomes permanent deficiencies.
These hormone not only important to build up and shedding of the uterine lining but required for overall health, sensory nerve in the brain, breasts, heart, skin, bladder and bones.

Most common symptoms of menopause are:

# Hot flashes
# Night Sweats
# Vaginal dryness
# Cessation of the menstrual cycle
# Insomnia
# Fatigue
# Depression
# Vaginal dryness
# Urine leakage
# Osteoporosis

You don’t have to wait until your period stops or start having hot flashes, actually you can have earlier preparation.  Consider supplement to ease the symptoms of menopause and for a long term health before and after menopause.

1.  GLA Complex

If you are concern about delaying and reducing menopausal symptom, Shaklee GLA could help promoting a balance hormone.
Shaklee GLA is made from borage seed oil that contains 2 1/2 times more GLA than evening primrose.

Let see what Mrs Ida’s mother feels after using GLA for a menopause symptoms.


2. Ostematrix

Osteoporosis, known as the ‘silent disease’ occurs without a symptom and develop due to estrogen levels drop during menopause.
Osteoporosis = The bone breakdown overtakes the building of new bones.
People may not know until bones become weak and fracture caused by sudden bump or fall.

Decrease risk of osteoporosis with Shaklee Ostematrix:
# Calcium from nature’s most concentrated and easy absorbed sources
# Magnesium to increase absorption of calcium from blood into the bones and strengthen it.
# Vitamin D to enhance the efficiency of calcium absorption along the entire small intestine

3. Omega Guard

If you are concern about cholesterol level, Shaklee Omega Guard, a purified, concentrated natural fish oil works double duty in protecting heart and blood vessels by bringing triglycerides level down that prevent cardiovascular disease.
Did you know as estrogen level drop during menopause, women become at greater risk for heart disease and risk is higher at postmenopausal.
Shaklee Omega Guard is made from smaller fish as heavy metals and toxin are least concentrated in smaller species of food chain.
Processed through triple molecular distillation guarantees the removal of impurities and contaminates.

4. Vitamin E

Reliving from uncomfortable menopause symptoms can be possible with Vitamin E.
It act as a substitute for estrogen therefore able to regulate and control symptoms such as:
# hot flashes
# night sweats
# heart health
# insomnia
# vaginal dryness

Shaklee Vitamin E contains:
# Vitamin E from natural source
# Selenium to complement activity of Vitamin E
# Grape Seeds Extract that have powerful antioxidant

If you time it right, you will be able to avoid suffering from menopause symptoms.

As a woman, that is our goal that every women would not to suffer from the ravages of menopause.

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