Boost Immune System To Resist Sinusitis Attack


Sinusitis is a common condition in which the lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed, commonly associated with :
# viral infection
# weakened immune system
# smoking
# allergies
# bacteria
# fungi

Normal body function:
1. sinuses are lined with thin layer of mucus to trap dust, germs, particles in the air .
2. tiny hair like in sinuses sweep the mucus towards opening that lead to the back of the throat and slide it down to the stomach

Abnormal body function that lead to sinusitis:
1. tiny hair become blocked when infected
2. normal flow of mucus to the back of the throat stops
3. swelling traps mucus in sinuses leading to infections and causes discomfort



People who are likely to have high risk are those:
having asthma
frequent swimming or diving
dental infection
climbing or flying to high altitudes
exposure to air pollution and cigarette smoke
gastroesophageal reflux

How to prevent sinusitis attack


How sinusitis is treated with supplement


1. Nutriferon to strengthen immune system
stimulate body to produce own natural interferon
the interferon stimulate body to produce more macropages (natural killer cells), other white blood cells, strengthens immune system


2. Vitamin C sustain release to fight infection
has antihistamine to reduce swelling
contains bioflavonoid that help shrink swelling of sinus membrane
reduce severity and duration of respiratory infection


3. Vita-lea, a quality multi-vitamin
provide 28 essential vitamin and critical mineral needed by the body to boost up immune system and normal growth and development

vita lea

4. Alfalfa, a natural source for anti-histamine
recognized as a natural anti histamine to improve sinus pressure and swollen glands
rich in chlorophyll helps reduce inflammation caused by allergy and sinusitis


Stopping sinus infection early helps to avoid later symptoms and complication.

Get yours today to support and boost up your immune system so that it will be ready and alert for sinusitis attacks.

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