Red Snapper Scales Collagen Is Best For Skin Rejuvenation


Collagen supplements for skin are usually derived from 4 main source:
a) Bovine (cows)
b) Porcine (pigs)
c) Chicken collagen
d) Fish collagen

Common and cheaper source would be Bovine, porcine and chicken collagen.

Did you know that premium source for collagen are from Red Snapper fish scales? They are:

1. The Red Snapper Fish live deep 5000m in the sea, stand up to 20ibs pressure, spawn and live freely in the deep sea is an extremely durable collagen source.


2. 4,000mg proprietary RSS (Red Snapper Scale) Collagen extracted from the scales of Red Snapper is packed in the Shaklee Collagen Powder. This pure and high quality collagen makes Shaklee Collagen Powder the ultimate collagen supplement to maintain skin hydration and skin elasticity.


3. Shaklee’s Collagen extremely low molecular weight collagen, at approximately 1,000 Dalton*, is easily absorbed by the body and helps to boost the collagen synthesis at the dermis layer effectively. Making it is the best source of collagen for your skin.


4. Red Snapper Fish Scales are lesser contamination as compared to animal collagen. It is free from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) (“ Mad Cow Disease ”), Hoof-and-Mouth disease and Bird Viruses.


Apart from Red Snapper Fish Scales, there are  7 active ingredients are also combined to enhance the effectiveness of the Shaklee Collagen Powder :







Shaklee Collagen Powder easily dissolves and mixes well with your favorite food and beverages. Each serving is packed in an individual sachet for immediate consumption anytime and anywhere.

Shaklee Collagen Powder, provides all your beauty needs in a sachet!

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Till then, have a nice day.

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