What to Pack For Vacation


Traveling is great but when you start feeling ill, its not a great treat anymore.

With the change of diet and different environment, it could be hard on the body as it is exposed to unfamiliar germs, long period of inactivity on planes or public transportation. Often, returning from a trip, we are fatigue, insomnia or an upset stomach rather than feeling delightful and refreshed.

So here are some of my essential packing list for my adventure.

First up, i have Shaklee Garlic Complex. Worth taking it with me since it serve as a health aid, natural antibiotic for common cold and reduce fatigue.

Instead of carrying a sunblock everywhere but has no time to apply it, Shaklee Vitamin E Complex protect skin from UV exposure and protect against inflammation of sunburn. It is helpful if the vacation involve lots of walking for it improve physical endurance, increase energy, improve muscle strength and reduce muscle damage

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that keeps me healthy by neutralizing free radicals and great for immune system. Taking Shaklee Vitamin Sustained-Released C gives immune system extra assistance to deal with crowded airport and re-circulated air where i will be spending hours in a confined space with stale, recycled air and strangers who may or may not be carrying germs during flights.

Packing some Shaklee Nutriferon that support body’s natural fight against infection and it get the immune system to be alert and ready for any invaders from attacking the body system. Unfamiliar foods on the stomach could spoil a great vacation but Nutriferon is great to combat that.

Vacation means enjoying the scenery and foods. But many of the meals will probably in the category of ‘fast food’ which offer very little nutritional value even though they fill you up but they also clog your arteries, add up to cholesterol levels. Shaklee Lecithin is what i need, it burn those fats and decrease bad cholesterol.

I think that about wraps up the bag packing. How about you, what supplements do you take on vacation?

Shaklee Travel Essential, keeps you healthy during the vacation period.

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Till then, have a nice day.

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