Breastfeeding Friendly Immune Booster Supplement


Did you know that there are restriction on medication that you can take while breastfeeding? Simply because what you eat can pass on to your baby during breastfeeding.

But what if during breastfeeding you fall sick, regular cough and cold?

Newly mother are prone to fall sick due to factors such as:

  • Sleepless night caring for the newborn
  • Fatigue
  • Postpartrum depression
  • Increase in stress level

These affect you immune system.

The best thing to do is to boost up your body defender and ensure it is healthy and be able to fight any invader that tries to attack your immune system.

1. Vitamin C sustained released
Nursing women need more vitamin C than other adults. Your baby benefit vitamin C for their immune system too as its excreted through breast milk
It stimulate production of glutathione, an antioxidant that stimulates the immune system
It is needed for the synthesis of collagen, which strengthens the body’s tissues, thereby inhibiting bacterial infections
It protects the immune system by speeding up the formation of new white blood cells and antibodies that fight off bacteria and viruses
It increases the levels of interferon, an antiviral substance that prevents the entry of viruses by coating the cell surfaces.


2. Vitalea
Breastfeeding leeches away a lot of nutrients of your body leaving your immune system weakened. Consuming a multivitamin that provide 28 essential vitamin and critical mineral can help strengthen your immunity. Nutrient from our diet, when complement with Vitalea, is a great way to boost up immune system.


3. Nutriferon
Shaklee Nutriferon is a dietary supplement created by an immunologist that uses a unique blend of 4 powerful plant extracts that help increases the production of our interferon. Interferon is important as it inhibit the reproduction of the invading virus and boost up body resistance to further infection.


It is save for breastfeeding mother as it was designed to naturally increase the level of interferon in the body.

3. Garlic Complex
Eating raw garlic can help with some types of viruses but if you can’t stand the smell, Shaklee Garlic Complex is available that serve as a health aid, natural antibiotic for common cold as it boost your immune cell function. Combining Garlic with Zinc intake is the best, as garlic helps your body absorb the trace element zinc


4. Zinc
Breastfeeding women are at higher risk for zinc deficiency.
Zinc keeps the immune system strong as it has directly involved in antibody production to help you fight infection
It is essential to many enzyme systems and for normal functioning of the immune system.


5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Fish oil help to enhance the function of immune system by reducing inflammation.
The DHA and EPA in Omega 3 can boost the activity of the white blood cells, a vital part of the body’s immune response.


6. ESP, soy based protein powder
Research shows that deficiency of high quality protein can result in depletion of immune cells resulting to the inability for the body to make antibodies and other immune-related problem. Protein from animal source contains fats and cholesterol making soy-based protein the best choice for breastfeeding mother.


Mother’s health during breastfeeding is critical as its not just a way to feed your baby but it is also a bonding process, a natural way to keep your newborn health and happy.


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