8 Surprising Habits that Weaken your immune system


Wonder why, even after practicing a good hygiene, getting vaccinated, enough sleep and eating healthy but still you fall sick easily? There are more factor than that that affect your immune system such as :

  • how you spend your free time
  • how you manage your stress
  • type of physical activity you get

Watch out for these unhealthy practices that can decrease your body ability to fight off illness:

Prolong period of intense stress
Prolonged stress from work or personal or other sources can affect immune system as the brain will produce a hormone called ‘cortisol’ which at the same time impairs the function of infection-fighting.

Sedentary Lifestyle
Too much sitting and no exercise can affect body’s ability to fight infection as it affect the creation of antibodies and T-cells which are white blood cells that help the body fight disease.  Adding a 30 minutes of regular exercise in your daily routine can help your immune system to perform at its best.

Traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes contains nicotine that are harmful to your immune system.

  • Nicotine tends to increase cortisol levels while reducing antibody formation and cells that response to antigens.
  • It damages the first line of defense at the lining of your mouth and nose which are parts of your immune system
  • It contain toxin that imparing immune function or alter immune cell count

Overdose of sugar
2 can of carbonated drinks contain about 8 tbsp of sugar resulting to 40% germs are unable to be killed by the white blood cells. Less then 30 minutes after ingestion will affect the immune function and that may last for 5 hours. Sweet juice such as orange or apple juice included to as they have more sugar added in them.

Excess alcohol
Damages to the immune system increases as the quantity of alcohol consumed increases putting those who abuse alcohol at higher risk for infection.
There are 2 ways high doses of alcohol could harm your immune system:

  1. Nutritional deficiency
    It deprive the body from valuable immune-boosting nutrients
  2. Reduce the ability of white cells to kill germs
    suppress the ability of the white blood cells to multiply, inhibit the action of killer white cells on cancer cells, and lessen the ability of macrophages to produce tumor necrosis factors

Food allergens
Related to leaky gut syndrome where some of the immune army recognize harmless substances as a foreign invader and attack it. Normal condition, the intestinal lining was like a wall impenetrable to foreign invaders but after many encounters with food allergens, the wall is damaged, enabling invaders and other potentially toxic substances in the food to get into the bloodstream and make the body feel miserable

Obesity can lead to a depressed immune system. It can affect the ability of white blood cells to multiply, produce antibodies, and rush to the site of an infection

Water helps the overall function of body include immune system as it help to flush out harmful toxin that the immune system have deal with.

Maintaining a strong immune system is vital as we come into contact with germs and bacteria everyday. If you have any of these habits, do change your lifestyle to avoid further damage to your immune system.

Apart from that, there are Shaklee supplement available that you could consume to boost up your immune system.

1. Nutriferon
Shaklee Nutriferon is a dietary supplement created by an immunologist that uses a unique blend of 4 powerful plant extracts that help increases the production of our interferon. Interferon is important as it inhibit the reproduction of the invading virus and boost up body resistance to further infection.


2. Vitamin C sustained released
It stimulate production of glutathione, an antioxidant that stimulates the immune system so that

  • there is a decrease in the length of time and severity of symptoms
  • healing at the inflammation sites

It support healthy T-cell function
It protects the immune system by speeding up the formation of new white blood cells and antibodies that fight off bacteria and viruses
It increases the levels of interferon, an antiviral substance that prevents the entry of viruses by coating the cell surfaces.


3. Zinc
Zinc is a mineral that keeps the immune system strong as it has directly involved in antibody production to help you fight infection
It is essential to many enzyme systems and for normal functioning of the immune system.


4. Garlic Complex
Eating raw garlic can help with some types of viruses but if you can’t stand the smell, Shaklee Garlic Complex is available that serve as a health aid, natural antibiotic for common cold as it boost your immune cell function. Combining Garlic with Zinc intake is the best, as garlic helps your body absorb the trace element zinc


5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Fish oil help to enhance the function of immune system by reducing inflammation.
Deficiencies of Omega-3 are related to chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease.


6. Vitalea
Nutrient from our diet, when complement with Vitalea, is a great way to boost up immune system.  Vitalea, a multivitamin that provide 28 essential vitamin and critical mineral can help strengthen immunity.

Iron in Vitalea is important to to avoid impaired response to antibodies and activate the immune cells function


7. ESP, soy based protein powder

Immune system is made up of proteins and new protein synthesis to function.  Deficiency of protein in your diet can weaken immune system as it deplete the immune cells resulting to the inability for the body to make antibodies and other immune-related problem. Protein from animal source contains fats and cholesterol making soy-based protein the best choice.


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