Nutrition Effectiveness on Chicken pox Scar


Chicken pox, a highly contagious disease common in early childhood but it may appear in adult too. It have more complications in adult and pregnant women compare to during childhood. Mine appear right just after SPM and it leaves bad scar, deep ones.

Chicken pox rash appear in form of red spots then develop into clear fluid-filled blisters. After a day or two, blisters become cloudy and burst. It seems impossible to scratch it because you will feel itchy especially during the mid-day when its hot.

Those itching and subsequent scratching leaves bad scar can be treated with some procedure that involves microdemabrasion (minimal abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer) to lasers and cosmetic surgery.

But wait, if you having a bad chicken pox scar, maybe what this guy did could be a solution that works best for you too rather than going through some painful procedure. Consistent on Shaklee supplement help him gain his handsome, fresh-faced, well-balance facial skin tone. I bet his wife must be very grateful on the such an amazing improvement, comparing the before and after.


Supplement to treat Chicken Pox scar:

Vitamin C
Rich in antioxidant that aids in wound healing. Vitamin C encourages the production of skin protein called collagen that keep skin well moisturized and lighten the appearance of chickenpox scars.
It also act as immune-stimulating to boost up your immune system to fight the infection too.

Best protein source that the body break them down into various amino acids that play major role in helping people recover from chicken pox infection.
The amino acids help body create new tissue, especially the production of collagen that helps the healing process of damaged skin. Then the collagen play their roles in lighten and gradually erase chicken pox scars.

Vitamin E
Powerful antioxidant that is best known for its healing by nourishing the skin and fade scars. It tend to improve the skin’s regeneration ability by flattening your deep hole chicken pox scars and it help hydrate skin that helps in reduction of scars.

Who says chicken pox scars are there permanently? By consuming Shaklee Chicken Pox Scar Set consistently, those nasty and ugly scar will surely get rid of it eventually.

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