Shield yourself with healthy immune system to fight Zika virus


The Zika Virus case was detected in Malaysia has been the highlight and expected the number of local transmission to grow.

Zika is similar to dengue, there is no medication or vaccine. We are advised to adopt preventive measures by making sure our immune system is at it best health as that is the option we could use to fight the infection

Even though Shaklee Nutriferon has no specific scientific research that it is capable to protect us from dengue or Zika but there are 6 reason why you must choose Nutriferon to ensure your immune system is healthy.

1. Protecting at cellular level
Nutriferon is a blend of phytonutrients with minerals and plant extracts that provide immune support right at the cellular level.

2. Naturally boosts Interferon levels
Interferon is a natural substances in the body that interferes with the ability of viruses to reproduce. Nutriferon is a dietary supplement that naturally increases the production of interferon in the body.


3. Created by an Immunologist who discovered Interferon
Dr Yasuhiko Kojima, the world-renowned immunologist created Nutriferon after the discovery of interferon in 1954. Immunologist are scientist who specialist in the field of Immunology that study our defense system in health and disease.

4. Patented, clinically proven formula.
Nutriferon is an exclusive formula includes :

  • pumpkinseed extract
  • safflower flower extract
  • Asian Plantain
  • Japanese Honeysukle flower extract

Being patent is like a license to Shaklee so other people or company has no right to make and sell this invention. And before rolling the product out in the market, Nutriferon had gone through clinical test to ensure its safety, purity, potency and clinical tests for performance.


5. 40 years of research
Hundreds of combination being tested in 40 years of dedicated research before Dr Kojima develop a unique blend of 4 powerful plant extract that can increase interferon production the natural way.

6. Clinical studies published supports its success on human
In medical journal such as Journal Gastroenterology, Clinical Pharmacology and Complementary Medicine discuss the various benefit from Nutriferon

Prevention is better than cure. Zika has great risk on women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and people with weak immune system. Best is to :

  • avoid traveling to area with active Zika transmission
  • preventing mosquito bites
  • boost up body’s immune system

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