8 consequences of Soy Protein to pregnant women


Giving birth to a perfect health baby is a part of pregnant woman daily prayer.


Baby born healthy is important and at the same time most mother would be delight if baby’s skin are healthy and soft.

I ever met a new mother with a rosy, fair and delicate baby skin and i asked her what she took during pregnancy. She say she drink soy daily. Its was not a surprise since its very common that pregnant mother used to do that for health as well as a healthy baby’s skin.

Apart from that, soy contribute more than that to pregnant woman as its a good source of protein compare to protein from animal that contains fat and cholesterol.

ESP, soy base protein was first developed by Dr. Shaklee in the early 1970s. And over the years, clinical test proven that soy protein is a key to maintaining good health.

So, let’s discover soy benefit to a pregnant woman.

1. Sustained energy during pregnancy and at delivery process
It help improve metabolism and provide instant energy.  One serving of ESP contains 14g or protein, it does not contain cholesterol, lactose, preservatives that can cause harm to the body and fetus.




2. Controlled Weigh gain
Its normal for a pregnant woman to feel hungry all the time but its wise to control the eating habit since we would not want a unhealthy weight gain.  ESP can be mixed in your favorite drink and since its a low-glycemic index food, it burn slowly so that you feel full longer.



3. Pregnant woman skin become fairer, glowing and smooth.
ESP contains B6 vitamin that is well known for beautifying skin. Some pregnant woman tend to suffer allergies during pregnancy resulting to dull, dried skin. There is where Vitamin B6  help to moisturize skin to look alive and beautiful.

4. Baby born with a health rosy skin
Baby gain the benefit from the ESP and potential to gain a beautiful skin too.



5. Stretch mark tend to faded faster
Protein is important for replacing damage cells with new healthy cells. Adequate protein for the skin cells help to build new healthy skin cells resulting to beautiful skin. Even stretch marks will fade.

6. Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy
ESP is a low-glycemic index food with rank of 39. For reference, a GI rank of 55 or lower is considered Low. This makes ESP suitable for woman who having GDM during pregnancy.

7. Morning sickness
During first and second trimester, some pregnant woman tent to suffer morning sickness. Vomiting and nausea could contribute to weak and fatigue which can be prevent by consuming ESP. ESP is in a form that the body can digest easily and nutrient can absorbed by the body compare to other source of protein


8. Breast milk production and quality able to meet baby’s demand


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