Product with Immediate effect is good or bad?

In conjunction with ‘Health and Safety week exhibition’ held at our workplace, the Pharmaceutical Services from Ministry of Health Malaysia participated and focused on ‘What you should know about Medicine & Cosmetic’.
I m glad that i visited their booth as i learned something: When you buy and use for example a cosmetic, within few days you can see extraordinary effect like whitening on your skin tones. Be careful, go to Pharmaceutical Malaysia website and check if this product is registered. Else, you should stop using them for they may contain items that is harmful to your body.

Shaklee product of course are registered, you may check > go to ‘Semakan Pendaftaran Produk’ and do a search on ‘Shaklee’.

Imagine, even world prestige people trusted Shaklee brand and they been using it not for 1 year but for years. Its safe and pure until sports person competing in the Olympic are using it for performance and none of them were disqualified for drugs or illegal contains in their blood.

Adding to that, the Landmark study result shows that people who consume Shaklee live a healthier life compare to those who use-no-supplement or another-supplement. Which also mean, the ingredient used by Shaklee are pure, working and safe.

Change brand can change your life. For all these reason, I m glad i choose Shaklee.

If you are interested to know more about the Landmark Study, do contact me.

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