Sluggish during pregnancy?


Pregnancy is exhausting, especially when you have other little children that require your attention. Especially during first and third trimesters or some even feeling tired throughout their entire pregnancy.

There are numerous healthy ways to gain and boost more energy without constantly looking for a quick fix like having 3rd cup of coffee or pieces of chocolate.

Omega-3 has ability to give you energy as each gram of fat from Omega-3 delivers 9 calories compare to Carbohydrates and proteins provide only 4 calories per gram
Omege-3 fats found naturally in fish is also oxidized at a slower rate within your body, which means that the energy it is providing lasts longer.

While fish oils are an incredible source of omega-3’s, with out polluted ocean makes it a precaution to pregnant woman to partake certain fishes to limit exposure to contaminated fish.
Mercury is linked to birth defects.

This makes fish oil supplement is a best option to fill in the gaps in their diet. Unfortunately, there are concern about the :
1) Dosage of EPA/DHA
could be receiving as low as just 30% of your intended omega-3 intake

2) Contamination contain in the fish used to make fish oil
most uses predatory fish, which often means they contain potentially dangerous levels of mercury, dioxin and/or PCB’s.

3) Is it easy to swallow and no fishy burp or aftertaste? Some flavors are added to fish oil to make the capsule smells better. An enteric coat softgel delivers the fish oil in small intestine to avoid fishy burp.

4) If it is purified or any 3rd party research institute to ensure its quality and freshness.

There is one that you could consider, the Shaklee Omega Guard:
– It has gone through Triple Molecular Distillation with Pharmaceutical Grade to extract the purest and most natural Omega-3 fish oil
– This process guarantee that heavy metals and other contaminants such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, dioxins and PCBs are removed

– It comes with high concentration
– It contains all 7 types of omega 3 including EPA, DHA, ALA and more.


Your health during pregnancy is vital.

What you eat will be passed to your fetus through placenta.
If you are searching for an Omega-3 to boost up your energy and benefits your fetus too, choose Shaklee Omega Guard.

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