New reason to floss when you are pregnant


Pregnancy makes your teeth and gum more vulnerable to plaque buildup and infection so its important to pay special attention to your oral health before, during and after pregnancy.

By flossing during pregnancy, you actually could prevent gum disease and tooth loss and it also lower risk of certain life-threatening conditions.

Periodontal disease, known as a gum disease causs the teeth to pull away from the gums and the deep pockets that form allow bacteria in the mouth to get into the bloodstream.


Possible complications?
Premature birth
Mild to severe periodontitis may trigger high levels of labour-inducing chemicals in pregnant women. Estimates up to 18 out of every 100 premature may be triggered by periodontal disease.

Heart disease
Bacteria can trigger a build up of harmful deposits in the arteries. People with periodontal disease are up to 3 x more likely to develop heart disease than those with healthy gums

Difficult diabetes
Diabetics with severe gum disease have a hard time maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Could you have gum disease?  Best indicator is how your mouth feels. Symptoms that you could experience are:
– Gum soreness
– Gum redness
– Bleeding when brushing or flossing
– Persistent bad breath


If you having symptoms as such, do schedule appointment with your dentist to treat your condition.

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