Natural Interferon booster in our immune system


If virus managed to get loose from our body’s first-layer defense system, it will head for our body cells. A virus could not duplicate outside of a cell, when it attack, it take over the cell’s duplication machinery and begin to replicate itself.

As when a virus enters a cell, the cell releases a chemical messenger call INTERFERON.

Interferon play 2 important roles:
1. Tell other cells how to defend themselves against this virus
2. Stimulate body’s immune system cells called Macrophages (the killer cells) to multiply and get active

As when the virus multiplying in the invaded cell,
1. Invaded cells become loaded with viral particles that makes it explodes, releasing more particles into the body to invade other cells
2. The exploding cells is surrounded by Macrophages which eat up viral particles since interferon stimulate Macrophages to multiply and eat the invaders
3. Other cells in the area are more resistant to viral invasion because interferon informed them how to fight the virus
4. Most of the time the viral infection stop at this stage.

But what if a cell is low in interferon when the virus attack?
1. The interferon signal will be weak and not efficient
2. The delay and weak signal to alarm other cells on how to defend themselves against virus lead to:
– Macrophages receive late signal
3. Virus continue to replicate rapidly in infected cell
– The infected cell bursts, releasing millions of new viral particles
– Macrophages are few and weak and many particles escape
– Other cells got infected because they do not know how to defend themselves against this virus
– This repeated over and over
– In the end you become ill

How can we help our body produces natural interferon?

Shaklee Nutriferon is developed by the scientist, Dr. Kojima who discovered interferon and its crucial role in our body immune system. 

Empower your Immune System with Nutriferon describer more about Nutriferon.

Nutriferon helps :
1. increase production of interferon
2. balance the different type of interferon production


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