Drink to Super Charge your immune system


Even though there is no magic potion that you could sip and guarantee that you will not be sneezing, wheezing, and coughing that come with a seasonal cold or flu, but research shows that you can actually add immunity-boosting beverages to your daily diet.

What does this drink do exactly?

A proprietary blend of natural plant extracts is derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds. A formula providing high level of daily immune protection:

  1. Tell other cells how to defend themselves against this virus
  2. Stimulate body’s immune system cells called Macrophages (the killer cells) to multiply and get active

Natural Interferon booster in our immune system describer more about Nutriferon function in our immune system.

Performance Drink
Performance Drink helps rehydrates faster than water and provides energy to keep you going as it contain OptiCarb®, the electrolytes in it to help prevent dehydration. When your immune system is fighting, its important to stay hydrated. Adding Performance Drink help to add trace mineral that is important for your healing process.


Lemon or Oranges
It is rich in antioxidants and amino acids help get rid your body of free radicals that can damage your immune system. Vitamin C can
– increase white blood cells production
– reduce inflammation.

Pudina Mint
The leaves are packed with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, vitamin C, D, E and small amounts of vitamin B complex. With this combination, it help to keep immune system safe from infections and inflammation


To keep your immune system healthy, try to make this tasty immune booster drink and enjoy it daily. 


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