Why Shaklee


Shaklee wasn’t my first supplement source. I tried Herbalife, Amway and few others i could not remember the brand. Yet, after using Shaklee for 4 years now, looking at its history and how their scientist dedicated on R&D to ensure each ingredient used are safe, natural and proven working, For these reason, i just fall in love with Shaklee and will not look at other brand anymore.


Landmark study done by 3rd party on group of people supplementing with Shaklee, with other brand and not supplementing their diet. Its finding proven that supplementing with Shaklee, people can achieve a better health in their life. I m sure everyone wants a health like in heaven as long as they live.


Top 6 reason i m into shaklee
1. Shaklee been in the market for 101 years

2. Number one natural nutrition company in the U.S

3. Each new ingredient tested for over 350 contaminants


4. Over 80,000 quality test done a year to ensure greatest purity
5. Invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development
6. Evidence in 100 scientific papers published on its clinical proof


I’m just impressed with Shaklee’s dedication to provide healthier life for everyone and better life for everyone. Each product that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise and be gentle on the planet.

When you choose any Shaklee product, have peace in mind that they are safe, work and always green.

Are you Impressed as much as i do? Come join us and experience your own Shaklee effect.


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