Making the right choice for your skin care

People used to say, your skin care now might not be applicable in few years time with a reason that the skin got used to the product and immune so no more improvement on your skin. Another reason why we could not stick to a brand.
They say the more expensive it is, the more powerful effect it can do for your skin because of the powerful ingredient in it.


What do you think?

After using this, i stop searching for skin care products. Because i understand that many factor contribute to skin condition – genetic, aging, sun exposure, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. And Shaklee Nutriwhite are made of 16 different plant extracts from 16 different countries. Combination of these plant extracts able to brighten and bring a youthful glow to the skin’s complexion. It contain Vitamin C that help to enhance brightness and radiance for a natural complexion.





Seaweed liquefies impurities and at the same time exfoliates and firms the skins.
Green algae works as a deep detoxifier and moisturizer
Strawberry Begonia helps brighten and even out pigmentation on the skin leaving you feeling refreshed while being mild on your skin.



An effective formula helps calm and restore skin to its natural pH balance.
Rosemary help skin feel fresher and tighter
Herbs like kudzu help to firm and brighten the skin
While marshmallow moisturizes the skin



Loaded with botanical such as Mountain Arnica to help calm inflammation
Mulberry to prevent sun damage
Soybean to help reduce appearance of dark spots
This multi-action moisturizer helps to build resistance to environmental damage


Most important criteria in choosing a basic skin care is it is safe, uses natural ingredient and proven to have skin-enhancing effect . Even for a long term usage, i don’t have to worry about any side effect for its ingredient are natural without dangerous compounds.


If you decided to add Shaklee Nutriwhite basic set in your daily skin care regimen for a flawless skin, quickly contact; Simply Remedies, 019-459-0217 or email at  You will be provided with the consultation for an effective effect just for our customer.


You can also proceed to purchase the Shaklee Nutriwhite Basic Set with debit card or credit card by clicking the link below.


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