6 tips to relieve constipation naturally for adult and during confinement


There are times when you have difficulty in passing stools and unease until its over.  Sitting hours in the toilet, sweating but nothing comes out.  Its either stool too big or hard or lumpy dry that stays stuck in the rectum.  Constipation is not a disease but it can cause complications and a sign of some is not right.

Today i would like to share tips on how to relieve constipation naturally for adult and during confinement.

Here are a few steps that you can take:

1. Drink plenty of water and fluids
Liquids add fluid to the colon and bulk to stools, making bowel movements softer and easier to pass.
2. Eat more fibre
Add fiber to your diet by eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains (whole-wheat bread) and legumes such as lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas. Fiber helps form soft, bulky stools.
3. Get enough exercise
Regular exercise helps your digestive system stay active and healthy. A 20/30-minute walk everyday does help.
4. Don’t ignore the urge to have a bowel movement
Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement regularly, you can eventually stop having that feeling the need to have one. Stool tend to build up in the intestine, making for a larger stool that is harder to pass.
5. Eat food rich in magnesium and calcium
Combination of both causes muscles to relax that help the colon muscle function properly.
6. Go for natural food
Rather than processed food, choose natural ones without preservatives in them as they have important nutrients and fibers intact to fight constipation.

Supplementing your diet could help too:



– Gentle laxative for occasional use that encourage a mild cleansing action to remove waste in the intestine
– Focus on gently cleansing and detoxifying the colon
– Promote absorption of nutrient at the optimum level by the intestine


-Contains calcium and magnesium that help stool become soft and easier to be flushed out from the body


– It help emulsify the fats to prevent it from sticking to our organs
– Helpful at soften stool in order to be push out easier

Alfalfa Complex

– Help you to detox consistently and easily. You don’t have to worry anymore, your toxin in your body will be taken out via your stools and urine.
– It is a wonderful resource for Vitamin K and fiber which responsible for healthy bacteria within the body that break food

These combination of 4 supplement are recommended for those with bowel problem or constipation. Each plays an important roles to relieve constipation as well as providing your body with nutrient it needs to function well.

If you just gave birth, pass motion is one of the painful and scariest thing after giving birth process. And its very important to eat well to avoid getting constipated. But if you do, wait no longer, help yourself by supplementing your diet.

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