anti-aging and healthy skin right when you need it


Is it possible when you supplement your diet, even your open pores tend to shrink?

Of course the answer is YES, imagine within 30 days of consistent intake of Shaklee Vivix and Collagen powder, you gain amazing positive result :
~ open pore treated and pore size reduced
~ gain glowing and flawless skin
~ you feel healthier

Vivix is a botanical drink, made from ingredient that are rich in antioxidant – polyphenol and resveratrol.  The works magic to repair and protect cells that lead to anti-aging and flawless skin.

Collagen powder is made from Red Snapper Scale with very small in size for optimum absorption.  Replenish body’s collagen helps in manufacture and support collagen for a firm, supple and younger looking skin.


Decided to add Shaklee Remedy for 30 days Flawless Skin in your daily diet to make up with what is missing to keep us healthy?

For AMAZING SAVINGS, do contact me, Jane by clicking Whatsapp Simply Remedies. I can share with you how you can be a consumer and uses the product as well as save money off each order. Imagine you can save up to 10-20% off Suggested Retail Price.


You can proceed to make the purchase using the E-Sell, the Shaklee tools that can facilitate your transaction. Payment method available includes Credit Card or Debit Card and once transaction completed, the items will be send by courier service to your doorstep.

You will be provided with the supplement schedule and consultation for an effective effect just for our customer.


A Shaklee Distributor in Miri, Sarawak,
Simply Remedies
Shaklee Distributor ID : 1140236
WhatsApp : 019-4590-217
Email :
FB : Simply Remedies

COD: Miri, Sarawak

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