Dietary Supplements Aimed to prevent Postpartum Depression


You worry whether your baby can tell that you feel so bad, or that you are crying so much, or that you don’t feel the happiness or connection that you thought you would. You may wonder whether your baby would be better off without you.

When you feel such feeling after giving birth, its a symptom of Postpartum Depression. If unattended, depression can be lonely, confusing, and even scary if your condition gets worse.

The good news is that it’s very treatable, so you don’t have to feel this way.

1. Eat well and sleep well
2. Take things one at a time
3. Get help from your spouse and relative
4. Keep in touch with other mothers and share you feeling. They would be a good adviser.
5. Supplementing your diet…your body need nutrition that help its to function well, energized and calm.  Possible dietary supplements aimed at preventing postnatal depression include omega‐3 fatty acids, iron, folate, vitamin B, vitamin D and calcium,

1. ESP
Protein in postpartum depression diet plan is important to  enables the production and regulation of hormones to a newly mother.  Amino acid in protein can boost mood-lifting chemicals in the brain (primarily norepinephrine and dopamine)
2. Vitalea with iron formulated
Newly mother tend to lost blood during giving birth to her baby, resulting to iron deficiency.   Symptoms of iron deficiency are postpartum depression symptoms.Our body needs iron mineral to produce serotonin, our brain neurotransmitter which is important to regulate mood, sleep and appetite.  That means replenishing iron is  important to prevent postpartum depression.
3. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is great for speed healing from giving birth to a baby and its needed for an optimum absorption of iron.
4. Ostematrix
Based on research done by the University of Michigan Depression Center, calcium and vitamin D can help decrease symptoms of postpartum depression.Magnesium also known as the “original chill pill” as it vital role in our body, our brain and therefor our mental health.  It help  improve mood and energy by producing and supporting the brain chemical serotoniAll these are in our Shaklee Ostematrix that makes it the best source for them.
5. Omega Guard
Based on scientific evidence, its agreed that Omega 3 could help reduce depression.  It has been discovered that women with postpartum depression are very low in DHA.  When a baby in the womb and breastfeeding, they need large amount of DHA for brain development and can leave mothers with a shortage. So replenish DHA supply in the body has shown that there is a drastic reduction in postpartum depression symptoms.
6. Alfalfa
This famous and trusted Alfalfa is rich in fiber, protein, amino acids, chlorophyll, 15 minerals, 10 vitamins, 8 enzymes and phytochemicals.   Newly mother who has low supply of breast milk and crying baby tend to have postpartum depression.  Alfalfa is a galactagogue herbs that increase the milk production and also rich in vitamin K to be pass down to the baby through breast milk.  Deficiency of Vitamin K in babies could lead to bleeding.
7. B-Complex
You can also add B-complex which contains all B’s vitamin neccessary for our body needs.  Few studies shows that, depression in the general population has been linked to low levels of B vitamins since it cause decreased synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin which play a role in mood regulation.

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