Surviving Morning Sickness Gracefully


I had morning sickness for the few early month of pregnancy. I dont know why they call it ‘morning’ sickness as it happen at any time of the day. Nothing seems to be delicious since right after eating them you got to rush to the toilet to vomit them.

Morning sickness is nausea plus with headache during pregnancy. The body produce certain hormone that are in large amount which are responsible for the nausea. There are a lot of tips on how to ease morning sickness but i prefer to supplement my diet to go through the period gracefully. These are what i took and it help alot since i don’t have to depend on panadol for the bad headache and at least there are no leg cramp during the night.

1. Performance Drink
Provide energy to muscle and cells to prevent dizziness and generally collapse
Prevent dehydration – contain balance electrolytes to replace those lost through vomiting
2. Peppermint Ginger
Help reduce morning sickness symptom
Ginger has been used traditionally to relief nausea and vomiting
Peppermint relieve heartburn, it has calming effects with its cool and mint taste
3. Ostematrix
Relax muscles and relieve from headache during pregnancy
Help to sleep well at night
Reduce leg cramp during pregnancy
4. B-Complex
Its known as happy vitamin, as it help reduce stress, depression
Help provide energy
Reduce morning sickness symptoms and headache

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