Criteria For An Effective Detox Plan


Even the most healthy people have toxins in their bodies that need to be removed, that is why Detox come into the picture. Unfortunately, most detox program actually just ‘cleanses’ where you stop eating junk food or unhealthy food for days but detox is more than merely eating healthy food.

I choose Shaklee Detox plan because:

  • Natural way to a fresh start

    Backed by over 100 years of leadership in nutrition and has published over 125 scientific papers and presentation
    Its product are known for its Purity-Quality ingredients, safe products, Potency-Extensive studies, effective nutrients and Performance-Better absorption, better results

  • Personalized for you

    The plan include supplements that are all natural nutrients that specially design to meet your nutrition needs.
    It allows you to customize a detox plan that suits you

  • Educational Support

    Expert from Shaklee along with its member can support you along the detox plan.
    Training and educational materials are provided


When you feel bloated stomach, low in energy, craving for sweet food, can’t focus and fatigue, do consider Detox. Do keep in mind that detox is more than just diet or avoiding junk food is also about changing to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrient to replenish what your body needs.

Happy detox-ing!

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